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Kahayan River tour

 1. Kahayan River, Palangkaraya

Kahayan River tour
Kahayan River Tour, photo via bsd.city

The Kahayan River is one of the longest rivers on the island of Borneo. The river has an area of ​​81,648 square km, a length of 600 km, a width of 500 meters, and a depth of up to 7 meters. This river divides the city of Palangkaraya and earned the nickname “Sungai Biaju Besar” or “Sungai Dayak Besar”. Kahayan River has a very unique shape because it looks like a bay that is sinking into. The flow of the river is deep, sedimentation at the mouth of the river causes siltation around the river.

When going along the Kahayan River, there are several routes offered by the tour operator, but the route to Kaja Island is the most favored by visitors. This route has views of simple floating houses owned by residents around the river. In addition, there are traditional kelotok boats owned by residents who are active to add to the exoticism of the Kahayan River. After stopping at Kaja Island, the journey continues to the Sacred Tomb in which there is a Sapundu, and a gathering place for the Dayak tribe bones.

In this river trip, on the side of the river can also be seen as a typical type of wood from Kalimantan forest dwellers such as kayu ulin, balngeran wood, etc

a. Access to Kahayan River

Because this river is in the middle of Palangkaraya City, it is not difficult to reach the tourist sites. The 30-minute journey can be taken from Tjilik Riwut Airport to the Palangkaraya town square, then from the square only takes about 10 minutes to get to the river basin.


b. Accommodation

Onboard accommodation is available in a private room, bed, restaurant, snack bar, lounge, and karaoke room for families.


2. Bougenville Hill Park, Singkawang

Bougenville Hill Park Singkawang
Bougenville Hill Park, photo via penulispro.com

In accordance with its name, this park is dominated by bougainvillea flowers (Bougainvillea spectabilis). This park is also designed as natural as possible to present a beautiful and cool nuance. Various ornamental plants besides bougainvillea found here, such as the Kalimantan black orchid, various types of nephentes or kantung semar, kuping gajah orchids, anthurium, aglaonema, and other types of flora. There are more than 46 types of bougainvillea grown and developed in this park. The garden is more perfect with a fruit garden there. As if not wanting to forget the natural wealth of Borneo, this orchard is also filled with various types of fruits that flourish in Kalimantan. For example durian, rambutan, avocado, star fruit, and others.


a. Location of Bougenville Hill Park

Bukit Bougenville Park is located in Sijangkung Village, Singkawang City, West Kalimantan. It is only about 6 km from the center of Singkawang City. To reach this area only takes approximately 15 minutes.


b. Access to Bougenville Hill Park

The journey from the airport to the city of Singkangang can be reached at a distance of about 3 hours. Furthermore, from Singkawang City go directly to Bougenville Hill Park.


c. Accommodations

Facilities in this park area are complete and adequate. Starting from a large parking lot, praying room, huts to relax, break rooms and mini swimming pools, toilets, and cafeterias.


3. Batu Dinding, Mahakam Ulu

batu dinding mahakam ulu
batu dinding mahakam ulu, photo via wikimedia commons

The Mahakam River, as one of the largest rivers in East Kalimantan, has many benefits for local residents. The river that connects various regions in Kalimantan turned out to present a variety of natural beauty along its path. Batu Dinding or Stone Walls for example, white limestone towering as if fencing the Mahakam Ulu River with a length of more than 800 meters looks very amazing as one of the wonders on the island of Borneo.

With an average height of 100 to 120 meters, this solid stone wall is majestic, looks like a giant wall that in addition to its length, the Stone Wall which reaches 800 meters or almost 1 km with a height reaching 120 meters, it turns out the Stone Wall is also used as a place to bury people who have died in the past. Farther up the rock cliff, Stone Wall will be higher soaring accompanied by many cascades and large river stones.

In addition, there is also the tomb of Datuk Keramat Seikh Abdu Saman bin Seikh Abdullah who died in 1778. This place is also not spared by tourists. The journey to the Mahakam Ulu Regency is 10 hours from Samarinda to the tering in West Kutai by car. After that, continued by speed boat for 3 hours to arrive at Ujoh Bilang, Long Bagun District, which is the Capital of Mahakam Ulu Regency. Stone Wall will be the main sight in this trip.


4. Bukit Bangkirai (Bangkirai Hill), Balikpapan

Bangkirai Hill
Bangkirai Hill, photo via indonesia-tourism.com

Bukit Bangkirai nature tourism has a tropical rain forest that is still very natural. This tourist attraction has an area of ​​about 1,500 hectares with the view of unusual trees. Because, most of the trees growing in this forest are bangkirai trees which have heights of 40 to 50 meters, have a diameter of 2.3 meters, and have lived for more than 150 years.

Bukit Bangkirai Nature Tourism is also a conservation forest that has the aim to develop a monument of wet tropical natural forest. When visiting Bukit Bangkirai, visitors are not only offered a charming tropical rainforest tour, but there is a bridge that when crossed can spur adrenaline. Is the suspension bridge canopy bridge) which is also a major tourist attraction in this Bukit Bangkirai. The bridge is the first suspension bridge in Indonesia, and has the second position in Asia and ranked eighth in the world. The bridge is hung above by connecting 5 bangkirai trees with a height of 30-40 meters and a length of 64 meters.

a. Access to Bukit Bangkirai Nature Tourism

To get to the Bukit Bangkirai Nature Tourism, the distance traveled is about 58 km from East Kalimantan, takes approximately 1.5 hours by road from Balikpapan City, and is 150 km from Kota Samarinda or Tenggarong. While from Samboja sub-district, this place is only about 20 km away. Although the road at the entrance area of ​​the tourist site is rather bumpy, this road is still quite good overall. Two-wheeled vehicles and four-wheeled vehicles can also be used.

b. Accommodation and facilities of Bukit Bangkirai Nature Tourism

Bukit Bangkirai Nature Tourism object is also equipped with adequate facilities and infrastructure. In addition to the parking lot, this tourist spot also has a meetinghouse that can accommodate 100 people. In addition, dining facilities in the form of restaurants with varied menu offerings and lodging are already there.


5. Sinka Island Park, Singkawang

Sinka Island Park And Zoo
Sinka Island Park, photo via utiket.com

Sinka Island Park is a tourist attraction located in the city of Singkawang. This tourist attraction presents three places at once, namely parks, beaches, and zoos, which are designed with a Chinese feel. When you first enter the gate of Sinka Island Park, visitors will be greeted by 12 Shio statues. Bajau Beach has the privilege of blending large and small rocks so that it displays beautiful natural portraits. This beach also has provided the gazebos where to relax while resting to enjoy the cool breeze. Meanwhile, Sinka Zoo is one of the favorite destinations of visitors.

With natural topography in the shape of a mountainous hill, this zoo feels very unique and natural. Along the way to the top of the hill, visitors will be presented with a variety of animals from the Sinka Zoo collection. The numbers are also very large, more than 275 collections which includes tigers, elephants, lions, gibbons, giraffes, sun bears, orangutans, monkeys, snakes, estuarine crocodiles, white crocodiles, ginger crocodiles, cassowaries, peacocks, parrots, eagles the sea, black cage, golden ropes, and many more.

One very interesting reptile is the python net (Phyton reticulatus) which reaches 5.5 meters in length and weighs up to 350 kg. In addition, other reptiles that can be seen are the python albino, cobra, iguana, tegu, and others. Another special place in Sinka Island Park is a pleasant fishing spot. Precisely at the bridge connecting the beach with Batu Burung. In the afternoon, this place is usually very crowded. In addition to people who like fishing, this place is also often visited by visitors who want to enjoy the atmosphere of the beach.

a. Location of Sinka Island Park

Sinka Island Park is located on Jalan Malindo Teluk Karang, Sedau Village, South Singkangang District, Singkawang City, West Kalimantan.


b. Access to Sinka Island Park

Traveling from Pontianak to Singkawang takes about 3 hours using public transportation such as buses, taxis, or private vehicles. While Sinka Island Park is about 8 km from the center of Singkawang City.


c. Accommodation

Sinka Island Park accommodation has adequate accommodation and facilities. Starting from the spacious parking lot Tab, public toilets, swimming pools, cafes, food stalls, and gazebos where to rest. Vehicles such as minibusses for Ca to explore and explore Sinka Island Park, which covers 35 hectares, are also provided by management.


6. Lamaru Beach, Balikpapan

Lamaru Beach photo via pegipegi.com

One of the interesting and visited beaches in Kalimantan is Lamaru Beach. This beach is gently sloping and has white sand that fills the beach with shallow sea water up to several tens of meters. Usually, the shoreline is used for various play activities, such as balls, beach volleyball, and so forth.

a. Location of Lamaru Beach

Lamaru Beach is located on Jalan Mulawarman, Lamaru, East Balikpapan, East Kalimantan.


b. Access to Lamaru Beach

From downtown Balikpapan you can drive to Jalan Sudirman and Iswahyudi or Jalan Ringroad. Then, the journey continues in the direction of Semboja or Senipah. About 15 km from the airport, after going through the Air Force complex, turn right. Next will find the gate to Lamaru Beach.


c. Facilities

The Facilities in this beach area are quite complete, such as a large parking area, toilets, prayer rooms, food stalls, and shops. There are also buoy rental places, banana boats, paddle boats, mats, horse carts, and horses.


7. Melawai Beach

Melawai Beach Balikpapan
Melawai Beach, photo via jejakpiknik.com

Melawai Beach has become an icon of Balikpapan and tourism on the island of Borneo. This place is famous for its convenient location. If you look at the sea, you will be presented with a view of the sea complete with ships of various types and sizes. Starting from fishing boats, barges, various tankers, as well as loading and unloading activities at Semayang Port.

Melawai Beach is the edge of the sea bounded by rocks and concrete walls. Above it crossed land transportation routes. Sunset at Melawai Beach is the best. In addition to the view, at night there are also glittering lights of ships dancing beautifully on the waves of the sea. This atmosphere and scenery became a magnet for Buek Balikpapan residents to come to Melawai Beach and spend the night.

a Location of Melawai Beach

Melawai Beach is located in Balikpapan City, East Kalimantan. The location of this beach is very close to Balikpapan Semayang Harbor, or Teluk Banua Patra.

b. Access to Melawai Beach

To reach Melawai Beach, trips can be made using private vehicles or public transportation such as taxis and city transportation. The distance from the beach from the city center is about 3 km and can be reached in more or less 10-15 minutes.

c. Accommodation and facilities

Facilities in the surrounding area are complete, namely parking along the beach or roadside, hotels, restaurants, karaoke venues, sports arenas, banks, and hospitals.


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