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In Noboribetsu City, Hokkaido Island there is a spectacular place called “Hell Valley” or in Japanese “ligokudani”. “Hell” is in the form of a hot water crater that comes from volcanic activity. Volcanic craters in the valley emit hot smoke that smells of sulfur or sulfur that is very frightening.

Noboribetsu Onsen, Hot Springs in Japan

Japan is rich in hot springs. No wonder the Japanese have a habit of soaking in volcanic hot water. The bathing place for this habit is called the “onsen”. In Japan, there are many onsen or hot springs, including the most famous in the south, in Beppu City, located in the Oita region.

Hot springs are also abundant in northern Japan, specifically Hokkaido Island. Hell Valley is one of them. You can take the time to stop by the Hell Valley to see the hot craters.

Sulfur pool with bubbling water

From the valley, you have to climb a forested hill for about 20-30 minutes. The road is uphill until you will find Oyunuma, a sulfur pool with bubbling water. Around Oyunuma there are many sulfur water pools that also spread smoke into the air.

The strong smell of sulfur is felt in the Hell Valley. However, from the information obtained, the water from the crater flowed to various onsen around Noboribetsu so that people could soak with hot water from the crater of Hell Valley.

At the bottom of Oyunuma, there is a river called Oyunumagawa. Hot water from Oyunuma also flows into the river through wooded hills, giving rise to a beautiful view due to the smoke coming out of the water.

Many Japanese people who soak their feet in river water because it is warm and refreshing blood flow. They believe that soaking in an onsen can cleanse themselves of sins.

Shinto belief believes that bathing in an onsen is a sacred ritual. On the other hand, from the health side, the onsen is also good because it can make blood circulation smooth and skin becomes smoother.

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