North Lombok, Enchantment of the Three Gilis and Islamic Traditional Village

North Lombok, Enchantment of the Three Gilis and Islamic Traditional Village. The three Gili in North Lombok is indeed a mainstay of tourism here. However, behind the beauty is also stored traditional and religious tourism in North Lombok.

Lombok has a variety of tourist attractions from waterfalls, traditional villages, historic buildings and exotic coastal beaches. It is not surprising that the North Lombok region is often a favorite tourist destination for tourists who want to visit.

Gumantar Traditional Village

Gumantar Traditional Village is one of the traditional villages in Lombok that still maintains ancestral traditions. Gumantar Adat Village is the only traditional village left in North Lombok Regency. The center of traditional activities in the village is usually carried out in the Dusun Dasan Beleq.

Gumantar Traditional Village

The majority of Gumantar villagers are Muslim. When you enter this village you will be greeted by an Islamic atmosphere. In Gumantar village there are many heritage sites with Islamic designs, including one of the ancient mosques which still stands firmly in the village. This village is one of the attractions of tourist visits from various regions.

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Bayan Beleq Ancient Mosque

This ancient mosque was built in Bayan Village, Bayan District, North Lombok. Bayan Beleq Ancient Mosque is the oldest mosque in Lombok. Various traditional ceremonies are often carried out by residents of Bayan Village and invite the attention of local and foreign tourists. The ceremony is generally carried out in the mosque area, so it is not surprising if the Bayan Ancient Mosque began to be widely known among tourists.

Bayan Beleq Mosque

Tiu Ngumbak Waterfall

With a height of 40 meters, Tiu Ngumbak Waterfall has a heavy water discharge and directly hit the rocks below it, like sea waves that hit the reef. Tiu Ngumbak Waterfall is a favorite of tourists who want a peaceful atmosphere.

Tiu Ngumbak Waterfall
Tiu Ngumbak Waterfall

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We can swim under a shower of heavy waterfalls, with cool and refreshing water. You can also capture your visit in this location against the background of the very beautiful Tiu Ngumbak Waterfall.

Three Gili of Lombok

Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air are the main tourist attractions in Lombok. These three small islands are located close together and surrounded by very clear waters with beautiful coral reefs.

Another advantage of the Three Gili is that it is not permissible to use cars and motorbikes on this island. So this place is anti pollution and very comfortable. Instead a bicycle rental is provided and also a traditional public transportation called Cidomo, a kind of horse carriage.

Three Gilis
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