Norway Travel Guide – The Universitetet, Oslo

History of The Universitetet

The university is situated on the northwestern side of Karl Johans Gate. The Neo-Classical structure was completed in 1852, forty years after Frederik VI decreed that Norway would finally be able to have its own university. The name he gave it was, “Royal Frederik University in Oslo,” by which it was referred to until 1939.

In the past, the majority of all teaching, aside from that of the Faculty of Law and some of the administration, has been relocated to Blindern, near the outskirts of Oslo.

The campus of the university is just opposite the National Theatre. It is comprised of three buildings that are surrounded by University Square. In celebration of its centennial that year, in 1911 the school constructed a new auditorium, the Aula in addition of the building’s main.

The Aula

The Aula is famous for its murals painted by the Norwegian painter Edvard Munch. They were first exhibited in 1916. The powerful motif of the background, The Sun, symbolizes the sun’s light in the form intense sunrise over the coast. The main painting to the right, Alma Mater, depicts a nursing mother representing the university. The painting on the left side, History is a symbol of the knowledge and wisdom.

Edvard Munch regarded the paintings in the Aula as his greatest work. It is important to note it is important to note that the Aula is not accessible to the public unless a special occasion is being held. Humanitarians and politicians from all across the globe have in the past visited the Aula. It was also the location for the presentation of the Nobel Peace Prizes. Nobel Peace Prize until 1990, when the ceremony was relocated to Radhuset (Oslo City Hall). In mid-August, on one day each year, 3000 students converge on University Square to register for admission to a university.


Problemveien 7, 0315 Oslo, Norway

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