Osaka, The Real Japanese Gem

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Osaka, dating back to some 6th century, and that’s one of the oldest cities and the third largest in Japan, it’s day time population is a bit fewer than that of Tokyo’s. For some 10 years Osaka used to be the capital and gave rise to commerce and business. But even now the city remains a great port providing sea connection to travel Japan with other districts of the country, now known as prefectures, and other countries, e.g. Korea.

If you travel Japan, go to Osaka, as it is the home to several outstanding sightseeings and attractions in Japan, the most impressive are Osaka Castle, Mitami Shrine, Sanko Shrine, numerous museums, the most famous of which are the Museum of Art, of Comedy, of Arts, of History, the Ceramics Museum and the Museum of Science; magnificent theaters and art halls. Osaka as well boasts unique Japanese puppet theaters, including bunraku (an interesting theater, don’t hesitate to see its performance), and kabuki (a gripping drama theater, known for its players’ heavy stage make-up), and manzui (a stage comedy). The distinctive Japanese theaters can be found in the Umeda area of Osaka.

The port consists of several towns, in some of them national minorities live, e.g. Koreans inhabit Ikuno-ward. The prefecture of Osaka has its special dialect, Osaka-ben. That’s why it’s no wonder that sometimes the city is regarded as an independent area having lots of amusement parks that annually attract thousands of visitors. Travel Japan and Osaka in summer, because it’s the hottest season, with the average temperature of 27C. Osaka is the home to a domestic airport and Kansai international airport and this makes travel Japan and Osaka even more nice and comfortable than ever.

The Japanese say if you want to please your eyes go to Kyoto, if you want to delight your stomach then Osaka is the best place to go. Because here you can taste true Japanese pan-cakes, noodles, a great variety of fish dishes and of course sushi. You will be surprised that food servings are great, tasty and price reasonable, and you will get all the ordered fast, so Bon Appetite!

Travel Japan and visit Osaka because it’s really worth your visit!

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