• Off-Trail Hiking
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    Do’s and Don’ts of Off-Trail Hiking

    Anyone who has seen the film ‘127 Hours’ or read Aron Ralston’s harrowing account of his fateful trip to Robbers Roost in south east Utah, will know the first rule of hiking off trail….NEVER leave home without telling someone where you’re going. Aron set out to visit the isolated canyon one spring day in 2003, and nearly lost his life in the process when he became trapped by a fallen rock. After 127 agonising hours, and facing certain death, he finally freed himself by taking the drastic measure of cutting off his trapped arm. Even in today’s highly-technological world of communication, nothing is guaranteed – especially in the barren wastes…

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    5 of Australia’s Greatest Walking Tracks

    From the outback regions of the far west to the verdant wilderness areas of Tasmania, Australia is home to some of the world’s great walking tracks. Some of them can take weeks to complete, while others can be done in four or five days. Some are easy and some are hard, but they all have one thing in common: they are all great experiences. Here are 5 of Australia’s Greatest Walking Tracks: The Larapinta Trail The Larapinta Trail is fast becoming a legendary walking track through the heart of one of the world’s most sparsely inhabited regions – the Northern Territories. This 138 mile (223km) track takes you atop the…

  • Insect Repellent
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    Insect Repellent – What You Need To Know

    Nothing can disturb your pleasure of the great outdoors more than being pestered by myriads of mosquitos and other flying nasties. Not only is it unpleasant being bitten by these insects, the range of diseases carried by flying insects and ticks can include (depending upon the location you are travelling in) various internal organ damaging infections such as Dengue Fever, Bubonic Plague and Malaria. All of these things can result in permanent damage and even death if not treated in time, so it makes very good sense not to get bitten in the first place! Types of Insect Repellent There are a number of types of insect repellent, some of…

  • Cooking Tips when Camping
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    Cooking Tips when Camping

    One of the most important parts of camping is what you eat. If you are in the outdoors you’ll probably feel that bit hungrier than if you’re at home and enjoying a sedimentary lifestyle. This means that food is very important and the decisions you make regards food are very much a significant part of the trip. Though, you may have Solid Fuel Stoves, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be good to go. So, here are some great ideas for eating when out and about. Plan By planning the meals you are sure to get all you need on your grocery shop beforehand. The meals you choose are down to…

  • Best Dehydrated foods
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    Best Dehydrated Foods for Hiking

    Dehydrating foods is one of the oldest forms of food preservation. In the olden days people would dehydrate foods by drying them in the sun. Such foods included tomatoes, and sun dried tomatoes were a delicacy in those days. People would also dry meat or smoke it in order to preserve it. This preservation quality as well as the reduced size and weight, make dehydrated foods a perfect match for hiking. You always have the option of purchasing dehydrated foods (dried) for your hikes. However, we now have appliances that make dehydrating foods convenient to do at home. These food dehydators come in various capacities, wattage and features. Be sure…

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    Best Hiking Shoes To Keep You Comfortable

    The feet are the most abused part of the human body. It is under the constant strain of supporting your weight plus the added load of the things that you carry around. This is especially true with activities like hiking and climbing. Getting the best hiking shoes is essential for your comfort and the health of your feet. How Do Hiking Shoes Differ From Hiking Boots? Boots are high cut; they are heavier, have more features and are more reinforced for strength, durability and stability. They are also designed for difficult trails with rugged terrain. The best hiking shoes on the other hand, do not extend to cover the ankle.…

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    How Hiking Helps Lose The Weight

    Some people turn to diet fads to help them lose the weight. But more often than not, these do not seem to work as a diet should really be designed for an individual’s specific body needs. And the truth is, you’re better off sticking to a tried and tested method for weight loss, such as hiking. Hiking is cheap, accessible and requires nothing less than just pure determination and your presence to follow through. If you’re looking for variety to make losing weight more fun, there are plenty of ways to go about hiking, as you can do this in various environments. Plus, there’s an added benefit to this method…

  • 10th Cavalry Buffalo Soldiers
    United States

    10th Cavalry Buffalo Soldiers Memorial – Huntsville, Alabama

    The 10th Cavalry Regiment of the United States Army was one of the original African-American units known as the “Buffalo Soliders.” There were two cavalry and two infantry regiments established in 1866. When war boke out in Spain on April 25, 1898, all four African-American regiments were recalled from the West where they had been involved in campaigns against American Indian tribes in an area from Montana in the Northwest to Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. When they weren’t fighting the Indians they built forts, roads, installed telegraph lines, located water holes, escorted wagon trains and cattle drives, rode “shotgun” on stagecoach and mail runs and protected settlers from Indian…

  • cook museum of natural science
    United States

    Cook’s Natural Science Museum – Decatur Alabama

    Cook’s Natural Science Museum offers an educational experience for schools, church groups and various other organizations with cheap entry ticket price, range from $13 – $20. The museum provides extensive collections of beautiful and exotic insects, mounted birds and animals, rocks and minerals, sea shells and coral. Collections of beautiful and exotic insects, birds, animals, rocks, minerals, sea shells and more!  Protected and endangered species are included in the museum’s vast collection and many animals are shown in their natural habitats. Wildlife common to the Tennessee Valley is featured in one display with over fifty species of insects, animals, and water life from the region. In addition, unusual and practical…

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    Planning a trip – Travel Can Be Fun Again With These Helpful Tips

    Traveling provides great enjoyment to many, but the planning stage can feel quite frustrating. Planning a trip, complete with itinerary and settling all the logistics, can be rather taxing and confusing. Planning a trip These travel tips below will help you plan for a trip that you will really enjoy. Leave all unnecessary valuables at home. The more valuables you bring with you, the more chance you have of losing one or more of them or possibly having them stolen. Make a list of things you need to pack. Your list should be made well in advance (7-30 days) and should include all of your necessities. Even if you won’t…