Pantai Gigi Hiu – Shark Tooth Beach, The Enchantment of Nature that “Bites”

Pantai Gigi Hiu

Lampung as one of the provinces located on the tip of Sumatra Island has a beautiful beach that constantly makes local and foreign tourists amazed and always returns to visit. So far, people think in Lampung there is only Teluk Kiluan, Pahawang Beach, Pasir Putih Beach, Alau-Alau Beach and other famous beaches, there is one beach in Lampung that is still exotic and has not been visited by many people. Come on, let’s see!

It’s called Shark Tooth Beach (Pantai Gigi Hiu – Indonesian), but this beach isn’t as scary as its name. Here there are no sharks at all. When visiting this beach, you will be presented with a view of towering rock like a row of shark teeth.

The shark tooth beach is located in Pegadungan Village, Kelumbayan District, Tanggamus Regency, Lampung. People around usually call Pegadungan Beach, Karang Pegadungan, or Pantai Batu Layar, due to the rows of rocks that expand and look like boat screens.

Pantai Gigi Hiu deserves to be called Hidden Paradise because its location is far from the city center. The location of Shark Tooth Beach which is far from the hustle of the city makes this beach can be classified as a quiet beach.

When you visit this place, don’t expect to find public transportation, lodging, restaurants, other public facilities, and good cellular signals. Even so, Pantai Gigi Hiu remains a challenging nature tour to be visited by those who like to vacation.

The scenery on Batu Layar Beach is really hard to find on other beaches. The beauty of the scenery at sunrise and sunset is amazing. Both of these moments became the target of the traveler who came to this place to witness firsthand and capture it on camera.

You will be spoiled by the beauty of the natural panorama of sunlight that appears in the cracks of the “shark teeth”, accompanied by the waves and the beauty of the color of the sky. Instagramable and interesting, right?

There are other secrets that you must know about transportation to get to this Hidden Paradise. Its location far from the city center of Lampung is a challenge.

How to get there

The trip will take approximately four hours from the city of Bandar Lampung. There are two routes to Batu Layar Beach.

  • First, you can go directly to Teluk Kiluan, then upon arrival you can use a motorcycle taxi to Pantai Gigi Hiu with prices ranging from 200 thousand rupiah.
  • Secondly, from Bandar Lampung, you can go directly to Padang Cermin, continue to Onion to Kelumbayan Village, which is the closest village to the “secret” beach in Lampung.

It is strongly recommended that you use the services of a motorcycle taxi from local residents. You will find a difficult terrain because the condition of the road to the shark teeth is broken and narrow.

Note, the second route can cut the travel time to this beach.

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