Passengers trapped in airplane toilets, flight redirects

Passengers trapped

A unique incident in the aviation world about a passenger trapped in the airplane’s toilet to make his flight switched.

The transfer of the flight was United Airlines as reported by CNN on Friday (27/9/2019). United Airline’s flight route was transferred to Denver, Colorado, on Wednesday night local time to release a passenger who was trapped in the toilet of the aircraft.

During the 1554-code flight from Washington D. C to San Francisco, a female passenger is trapped in the toilet because the door lock is not functioning, according to United Airlines ‘ statement.

Upon arrival in Denver, the trapped passenger can be safely removed from the toilet after the plane has made a landing. And, he proceeded to their destination with a new plane.

A video post from Twitter users @taylorkkimber shows engineers working with a door hook. “We’re working on opening the door at this time, Mom. We’ll get you going soon, okay? ” said one of the technicians.

Flight 1554 was originally scheduled to arrive in San Francisco on 08.38, Wednesday night. Flights transferred arrive in San Francisco after 11.00 pm.

“To all passengers and especially customers in the toilet, we apologize,” said United Airlines ‘ statement.

United Airlines Airlines does not immediately respond to inquiries about possible compensation for passengers who are trapped

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