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Perlis is the smallest state in Malaysia and is located at the northwest end of the Malay Peninsula. It borders Thailand to the north, our state of Kedah to the east and south, and the northern part of the important Malacca Strait to the west.

Its curses is 759 square kilometers and it has only about 175,000 inhabitants. Its capital is Kangar and the residence of the rajah of Perlis is Arau.

Even if it is very small, Perlis also has a lot to offer: its rural beauty is proverbial, the green rice fields and the rural scenes are real attractions for the true nature lover.

Kangar is surrounded by flourishing agriculture and the green and gold rice fields, depending on whether the rice has been freshly set or is about to be harvested. This is where the state administrations sit as well as the federal authorities who work in the modern government buildings that have a strong impact on the cityscape.

The state mosque with its golden dome is another dominant building and all other important facilities are grouped around the small city: the sports stadium, the state hospital, the Pens Hotel and all the schools in the city.

Perlis Tourist Attractions

Gua Kelam, the dark cave

tourist attractions in Perlis
Gua Kelam, photo by Marufish

This geologically interesting cave is located in the limestone hills about 26 km north of Kangar and forms a passage from the village of Kaki Bukit to Wang Kelian near the Thai border. In earlier times it was a route between Perlis and Thailand that traders and smugglers liked to use.

Padang Besar

tourist attractions in Perlis
Padang Besar Train Station, photo via

This is the train station on the border with Thailand and the place has become a real shopping center, where you can buy all goods cheaper than anywhere else.

Kuala Perlis

tourist attractions in Perlis
Sunset at Kuala Perlis, photo by Emran Kassim

The small port, located in the delta of the Perlis River, is a ferry port both to the island of Langkawi and to Thailand to the island of Phuket and some of the coastal towns there. The port is also known for its good things, as the local “Laksa” is famous. It is rice noodles that are eaten with a hearty fish soup with onions and cucumber as a side dish.

Arau, the residence

It is located about 10 km north of Kangar and this is where the rajah of Perlis lives, his palace, the Istana Di-Raja, is very beautiful and really worth seeing, as is the state mosque of Perlis. Chuping takes its name from the limestone hills near it called Bukit Chuping. It is located in the middle of large sugar cane fields, the sugar factories ensure good work and an adequate life here. Chuping still has a few cement works and is a prime example of the cautious industrial settlement here.

The Melati lake

The “Tasik Melati” is located 8 km north of Kangar and is a picturesque, small lake in the middle of a marshland. It is covered with over 150 sandbanks that can be reached with a flat boat. There are also some hiking trails that lead to viewpoints and nice resting places.

The Gunung Medan

This small limestone rock is only about 100 meters high, a small road leads to its top and there are stairs and hiking trails.

It’s not far from Kangar and a popular picnic spot for everyone.

Sungai Batu Pahat

This is where the country’s difficult 9-hole golf course with its par 72 is located. Although it is flat, it has a lot of challenging obstacles and pitfalls. The nearby snake farm is also worth a visit. It was created for research purposes. Here one works on serums against the consequences of snakebites. The farm can be visited Tuesday through Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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