Pondok Wisata Maha Praja Bangli, The Newest Tourist Destination in Bali

Pondok Wisata Maha Praja Bangli,

Not many people know this green nature tourism destination. Besides its location far from Denpasar, also because this tourist destination is still very new.

Pondok Wisata Maha Praja Bangli located at Br. Puraja, Peninjoan Village, Tembuku, Kabupaten Bangli-Bali. To find this place is very easy. You can use Google Maps if you’re afraid to get lost.

Pondok Wisata Maha Praja Bangli has the concept of Green Village with Multi Agro, Eco House, Outbound, Selfie Point (Tree house, Pavilion, Bamboo Tower, base camp, flying Fox) Yoga and meditation.

From some photos uploaded on the internet, Pondok Wisata Maha Praja Bangli is very spacious with green grass that is laid out neatly looks like a ball field grass. Besides, we can also see the view from the tower is quite high

Those who like camping activities can also do so here. The natural atmosphere is very cool. In the afternoons, the air is usually cold and sometimes foggy, as the location is on a plateau.

Well, for those of you who don’t want to bother, you can rent a tent here. Your vacation with friends or family will be cool here.

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