Prigen Safari Park | The Most Extensive Safari Park in Asia

Prigen Safari Park, better known as Taman Safari Indonesia 2 is an integrated zoo that is part of the Taman Safari Indonesia Group.

Prigen Safari Park is in Prigen District, Pasuruan Regency, East Java. Prigen Safari Park is the Largest Safari Park in Asia with an area of 250 hectares, surpassing the vast Taman Safari Indonesia in Cisarua and Bali Safari Park.
The location of Prigen Safari Park is precisely on the slopes of Mount Arjuna, at an altitude of 800 to 1500 above sea level, and is only about 50 kilometers from Surabaya and about 45 kilometers from Malang City.

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Visitors to the Prigen Safari Park can freely observe the activities of wildlife in their respective habitats while enjoying the fresh air of the cool Arjuno Mountains.

Prigen Safari Park has an African-style zoo concept by letting animals roam freely in the open. The visitors must use a private car, tourist car or tramp that has been provided to see animals comfortably and safely.

Prigen Safari Park is a place for the conservation of rare animals and is also used as an attractive recreation place. Prigen Safari Park is very suitable as a family tourist spot, especially for children because by visiting this zoo they can get to know the life of the kinds of animals in their natural habitat.

The variety of animals that exist in Prigen Safari Park comes from five continents including Asia, Africa, America, Europe and Australia. Visitors can watch live animals such as lions, Sumatran elephants, Bengal tigers, Sumatran tigers, deer, snakes, orangutans, bears, kangaroos and much more.

In general Prigen Safari Park is divided into three zones, each of which has its unique and most interesting, among others:

Animal Life Zone

This zone is a location where animals are left to live in the wild and all of these species live according to their natural habitat to feel comfortable. the enders are required to use private car vehicles and tourist vehicles that have been provided by the zoo to be able to explore this zone.

Prigen Safari Park
Prigen Safari Park Photo via

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Baby Zoo Zone

The Baby Zoo zone is a favorite zone for school students and children. In this baby zoo zone school students and children are allowed to take a closer look at some of the animals. Even visitors are allowed to hug and take pictures with certain animals.

Baby Zoo Zone Prigen Safari Park, Photo via

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Visitors can interact with animals because most of the animals here are still small, so it is very safe to interact with them. visitors can also watch various animal shows summarized and scheduled in Animal Show.

Recreation Zone

After getting to know the animal life in Prigen Safari Park visitors can play in the recreation zone. In this recreation zone, there are lots of exciting and exciting rides such as Bike Fly, Bomb Car Bomb, Castle Mystery, Paint Ball, Waterpark, 4D Cinema and many more.

Taman Safari Indonesia 2
Recreation Zone Prigen Safari Park, Photo via

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The visitors can choose the desired activity or facility according to their needs, according to various package offerings to Prigen Safari Park.

For facilities that exist in Prigen Safari Park include Camping Ground, places of worship, and Banteng Camp for the visitors ‘resting places and visitors’ eating and drinking restaurants who are exhausted after going around Prigen Safari Park.

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