Rujak Cingur Surabaya, Traditional Salad From East Java

rujak cingur surabaya

Rujak cingur is one of the most popular traditional foods in the East Java area. especially in Surabaya. In Javanese the word cingur means cow snout. This cingur is one of the characteristics of the material of the beef/ snout slices or beef snout that is boiled and mixed into a salad dish.

The original Rujak Cingur consists of slices of several fruits and various vegetables. cucumbers, yam, mangoes, pineapples, kedondong and kerahi or krai are fruits that are often used to make Rujak Cingur Surabaya. As for vegetables, they usually use sprouts/bean sprouts, kale, and long beans. Then the supplementary ingredients are rice cake, tofu, fried tempeh, bendoyo and a special ingredient from Rujak Cingur namely beef snout slices.

The ingredients for making Rujak Cingur Surabaya are similar to the ingredients for making East Java Typical Shaved Fruit Salad and Pecel Vegetables. it’s just that this Cingur salad is more complete, yes you could say the combination of fruit salad and vegetable pecel or Javanese gado-gado. the difference is in the spices used, when gado-gado, fruit salad and Javanese pecel using ordinary peanut sauce. while Rujak Cingur East Java uses a special peanut sauce with shrimp paste that makes the taste more delicious and stable.

The main reason why this salad is called Rujak Cingur is that the processed seasoning used is shrimp paste and beef/ snout slices. This is what distinguishes from various other salad food which is usually without using cingur as the main ingredient as we have said above. Rujak Cingur is very delicious to be enjoyed during the day with crispy melinjo chips served in sliced ​​banana leaves


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