February 3, 2023

Selong Belanak Beach is one of the beautiful and clean beaches. This beach has a curved shoreline like a crescent moon. With a background of several hills on the edge of the crescent. The coastline of Selong Belanak is 1 Kilometer long and is directly facing the Indian Ocean. About a quarter of the coast, on the South side, is used by residents as residential areas. Of course this area is not suitable for water activities, because many fishing boats pass by.

selong belanak beach
Selong belanak beach, Photo via pantainesia

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To do various water activities, you can switch to the North side of Selong Belanak Beach. This area is free from the activities of local residents. Beach sand on the north side is smooth and white, the contours of the beach are also sloping. So that the waters are quite calm and clear.

You can do various activities on the north side of this beach. Like just relaxing, walking around and enjoying the atmosphere, sunbathing, swimming, and so on. You can also rent a boat for fishing. Or you can also watch the simple life of the locals.

Selong Belanak Beach has its own characteristics compared to other beaches on Lombok. This beach has a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. During the holiday the beach will be crowded. But afterwards, you will only meet a few visitors. Selong Belanak Beach is a very suitable place to get a relaxed and calm atmosphere.

Selong Belanak Beach is located 49 kilometers from the city of Mataram, and can be reached within 1.5 hours. The road infrastructure to get to Selong Belanak Lombok Beach is relatively good, even though in the last 15 kilometers the road has been up and down. On the way you will find tobacco cultivation. After arriving at the parking area, you must walk as far as 50 meters to get to the beach. Afterwards, welcome to Amazing Selong Belanak Beach.

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