Senso-Ji The Largest Buddhist temple in Asakusa, Japan

Asakusa Temple.

Senso- Ji Temple / the Asakusa Temple.

Many people call this temple the Asakusa Temple. It is the largest Buddhist temple in Asakusa. Generally, tourists who are the first to visit Tokyo will make this temple in Asakusa a must visit destination.

Besides, there are a lot of travel tour operators who surely enter this temple as one of the destinations in the tour package that they offer. Asakusa Temple is impressive because the atmosphere is “very Japanese” and ready to receive the arrival of the tourists.

At Asakusa Temple, we pass through long streets that contain a variety of traditional stalls selling souvenirs, food and souvenirs.

Asakusa area is one of the oldest areas in Tokyo. In the era of 1600s this area is a entertainment area. Along the way there are many theaters, music clubs or cinemas

Senso-ji temple is the main tourist attraction in Asakusa area. Senso-ji temple is still a place of worship of Japanese Buddhists as well as from other countries to date. Traditional Japanese festivals (Matsuri) are regularly held at the Senso-ji temple.

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