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Japan is a culture store of sightseeings and attractions. It is the home to hundreds of castles and palaces, wonderful natural parks and amazing rivers and lakes, picturesque scenes and landscapes. So to cut a long story short and it’s really long and impressive, let’s visit in our mind’s eye the best places in Japan.

The first item in the list of where to go and when in Japan occupies the Himeji castle. It’s really an incredible structure in the port of Himeji some hour away from Tokyo. It’s built of some 350 tons of wood and white plaster for water and fire protection. It’s worth mentioning that the castle has witnessed almost all the history of Japan but fortunately hasn’t become a part of ruined and crushed architecture during its numerous wars. Actually it’s a castle of tricks having an amazingly deception gate system. When you are out and look at the Himeji castle you may think there are 5 storeys, but it’s false, because the enigma castle has 6 storeys and a cellar.

Travel Japan

Travel Japan and touch the ancient walls of this strange castle to feel its breath. You will be stunned by an excellent view of the white castle against a blue sky and white airy clouds, the sight is unforgettable. Travel Japan and you can also visit the Toy Museum, this place of art is believed to be of great importance in the country.

The Matsumoto castle can be called a beautiful spot number two. It’s main difference that it’s was constructed at a valley, and of no mountainous location. It’s surrounded by a nice river and stunning cherry trees, in spring the sight is stunning, as of incredible beauty. Japan can be naturally called the land of natural castles and no castles in the air!

If you plan to travel Japan, you can as well visit Okayama’s Hot Spring Resorts hidden in the mountains and surrounded by cliffs and peaks. It’s a wonderful place to get in after a tiresome day of excursions, full of numerous sightseeing and attractions, and here you can enjoy nature, beauty and yourself!

Travel Japan because it’s worth a visit

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