Visit to Simpang Lima Gumul Monument Kediri

Simpang lima gumul

Indonesia has many interesting tourist attractions. East Java is one of the provinces that can be called as Traveler’s paradise. In Kediri, there is a tourist attraction that is worth a visit. There is a Simpang Lima Gumul Monument which is a very interesting.


The Simpang Lima Gumul Monument includes new buildings. This building is one of the crowded tourist attraction in Kediri city. In addition, this place is also the economic and Trade Center in Kediri district.

If you are interested in visiting this place, here is the explanation of Simpang Lima Gumul Monument.

History of Simpang Lima Gumul Monument

Simpang Lima Gumul Monument is the icon of Kediri Regency. The construction of the Simpang Lima Gumul Monument began in 2003 and was inaugurated in the year 2008. In terms of transportation, Simpang Lima Gumul Monument is the main route to five sub-districts in Kediri district, namely Pare, Plosoklaten, Wates, Gampengrejo, and Pagu.

The Simpang Lima Gumul Monument its shape resembles the Arc de Triomphe, located in Paris, France. If the Arc de Triomphe commemorates the fighters who died during the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars. Meanwhile, the Simpang Lima Gumul Monument Monument was inspired by Raja Jayabaya. He was a reigning king in the 12th century who aspires to unite five districts in Kediri district.

Simpang Lima Gumul Monument Kediri Tourism

Simpang Lima Area Gumul Monument has a land area of up to 37 hectares overall. The building area is 804 square meters and the height reaches 25 meters. The Simpang Lima Gumul Monument Monument has 6 floors and 3 stairs as high as 3 meters from the ground floor. Uniquely, the wide and high number of monuments symbolize the date, month and year of Kediri regency that is 25 March 804.

On the left and right side of the monument, there are 16 reliefs, where each sculpture depicts the history of Kediri Regency. Each of these sculptures shows the high artistic and cultural value of the people of East Java. In the corners of the monument, you can also see the statue of Ganesha. Ganesha is the deity worshipped by Hindus.

Once you enter the Simpang Lima Gumul Monument, you will find meeting rooms in the main building and auditorium room with dome roofs. On the top side of the building, you can find dioramas and minimarket that sell souvenirs typical of this monument.

The multi-purpose room is located in the basement. At the bottom of this land, you will find 3 aisle-shaped access linking the parking lot to the monument basement.

How to Get to Simpang Lima Gumul Monument

The easiest access to the Simpang Lima Gumul Monument is through Kediri city. It only takes 10 minutes by motor vehicle. If you want to take the train, the distance from Kediri station to Simpang Lima Gumul monument is 9.1 kilometers. So you take about 20 minutes to arrive at the location.  For you who come from another city, you can take a flight to Juanda airport Surabaya. Afterwards, you can take a vehicle through Pare and Kediri to arrive at the monument area.

Admission Ticket Price

Admission ticket to Simpang Lima Gumul Monument is free. You only pay Rp 2,000,00 for motor parking and car for Rp 5,000,00. It’s a cheap tour for local people as well as local and foreign tourists.

Well, that’s the important info you need to know before visiting Simpang Lima Gumul Monument, tourism history from Kediri.  Let’s complete your historical tour with friends and family. Happy Traveling


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