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Depachika Tokyo

Most people want to travel to Tokyo to relax and refresh themselves after hard-working days but they worry that this can blow their budget. Don’t despair because you can do and see many things in Tokyo without costing a single yen

Visit Senso-ji

You can be with countless pilgrims to approach Senso-ji whih is the most famous Buddhist temple in Japan. It is situated in Asakura. When visiting this temple you will have opportunity to visit colourful stalls selling all manner of souvenirs from giant rice crackers to exquisitely decorated battledores.

Flower power

It’s completely free for people to visit Flower power that is a traditional garden in Tokyo. Come here, you can admire beautiful foliage and horticultural skills of Japanese for free.

Attend Festivals

It’s a good idea to take part in Japanese festivals. You can learn many things about Japan and Japanese’s culture and tradition from this. The festivals are taken place every week and even every day from cherry blossom viewing parties to fire walking and grand parades of costumed participants holding aloft mikoshi (portable shrines). Therefore, you should search for details of upcoming festivals and events in some websites.

Get high on an observation deck

If you want to catch the city burst into neon-lit action and spectacular sunsets without spending money, you should come at dusk at the highest floor of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.

Graze a Depachika

Depachika is just a nickname of department store food halls in Tokyo. When visiting here, you can taste te free samples on offer. Good ones to target include Isetan in Shinjuku, Mitsukoshi in Ginza and Takashimaya in Nihombashi.

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