Some Things You Should Avoid Doing In Japan

Things You Should Avoid Doing In Japan

The Japanese are very sensitive, especially middle-aged and older people. They will be annoyed if you ask them about their political life and religious perspectives. Questions about which party they support or what religion they follow should never be asked.

The Japanese are very sensitive, especially older people and middle-aged. They don’t like and will feel annoyed if you ask them about their religious perspectives and political life. Therefore, never ask them what religion they are following or which party they are supporting.

Another thing you shouldn’t do when you are in Japan is that don’t be foolish to offend the Royal Family and their Emperor, because Japanese people respect them extremely.

In addition, you will become a rude person if you ask Japanese about his income. Also, you should not ask about the weight and the age of a woman. You should be aware that the Japanese are usually very reserved and they do not want to talk about their private lives.

You are lucky if you are invited to the home of Japanese for a meal. Remember to take off your shoes before you enter the house. In the case, you are not a really intimate friend of the family; you should never look into the kitchen. Moreover, because you are stranger, do not kiss the children because if you do that you are annoying Japanese adults.

The final thing you should remember when traveling to Japan is that you should avoid anything relating to numbers four and nine because Japanese always avoid them. They pronounce “four” like “death and “nine” like “grief”. Even, they do not have rooms number four and nine in the hotel.

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