Atlanta Stone Mountain Park

stone mountain park

Not all monuments are stand-alone structures. Stone Mountain Park in Atlanta, USA, is one of the biggest monuments in the world and spans over 25 million square feet and rises over 800 feet from the ground. The monument is a carved area of rock in the likeness of the three confederate heroes. This monument is packed all year round, but more so over national holidays and weekends.

Stone Mountain Park
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Although this monument does hold great historical importance to the American people, there is a lot more to this monument than just a historical site. The surrounding area is breathtaking, with many fabulous photo opportunities. The summer months can be quite warm, but there are enough shady areas for those not too accustomed to the full sun.

Unlike many monuments, Stone Mountain Park provides visitors with a full day of activities. (For an affordable accomodation near the Park, use Atlanta Hotels). The environment is exceptionally child-friendly and is therefore perfect for family outings. There are many holiday events to choose from and visitors could do well to contact Stone Mountain Park for a list of specialized holiday activities and shows.

Visitors to the park can also choose from a range of outdoor activities which includes hiking and boating. Those who do not wish to partake in any physical activity can bring along a picnic basket and enjoy some time taking in the peace and quiet. Animals are also welcome in the park, provided that they are kept under control.

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