Sydney, Insights into the colorful city and the ideal tourist attraction

Things to do in Sydney

Located in Australia, Sydney is regarded as not only one of the most wonderful but also populous capital in the world. Coming to Sydney, tourists can enjoy themselves in an artistic space, a hustle and bustle life of Sydney residents, and and original experiences, simultaneously, broaden their mind into a completely new world.

People can visit beautiful zoos of various species of wild animals as well as poetic parks there. Let’s turn every valuable moment in Sydney into unforgettable experience in our life by dropping in the following gorgeous destinations.

Sydney Opera House – An original architecture in the world

Sydney Opera House
Sydney Opera House, Photo: Pixabay

Known as the unique symbol of Australia and officially recognized by UNESCO, the Opera House makes special impressions on a great number of visitors in terms of its long life as well as its prominence. It is continually full of famous performances of events or festivals. Don’t forget to have a glimpse at its overall appearance and have a cocktail when enjoying the port.

Located in Bennelong Point in Sydney Harbour near Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Opera House is regarded as the symbol of Australia. It is a theatre of plays, ballet and music, which is managed by Opera House Trust. The Opera House designed by Danish architect – Jorn Utzon and shaped as “shells” makes it unique in the world.

It took ten years to complete the Opera House in 1973. It covers 1,8 ha of land, 183 meters long and 120 meters wide, which includes 5 blocks of theatre, 5 studios to rehearse, 2 main halls, 4 restaurants, 6 bars and some souvenir shops. Beside its main functions, the Sydney Opera House is ideally chosen to organize crucial events such as weddings, parties, and conferences. Its capacity can contain 1.547 audiences for a performance. The architecture has a great influence on the construction in the end of the 20th century. It is officially recognized as UNESCO World Heritage site in 2007.

Another special point of the Opera House is the most wonderful sound system without the second one. The advantages of the sound, light, and the harmonious combination between structures and sceneries turn it into the most gorgeous masterpiece and become one of the most creative performing arts center in the world.

Every year, the Opera House holds about 1.600 performances of symphony, ballet, opera, drama, dance, music, comedy, children programs, which attract more than 1.2 million audiences. On the great holidays or anniversaries, the displays of fireworks make special impression on millions of people.

Up to now, the Sydney Opera House is the favorite tourist attraction for all visitors when coming to the country of “ the kangaroos”. It is the big pride of Australian people. This destination will become an unforgettable moment in their life. Let come there and enjoy its potential beauty.

Bondi beach

Bondi Beach
Bondi Beach, Photo: Pixabay

Let’s take your backpack and quickly come to this romantic beach in Sydney. Adventurous sports on water surface such as water – skiing and delicious seafood cuisines are worth exploring. Apart from enjoying its potential beauty, tourists can understand about impressive customs and interesting lifestyles on the whole.

Fashion and shops

Making an exploration into the shopping malls, a wide range of famous products as well as the modern market systems in Sydney, visitors can purchase any suitable goods as a souvenir. You can buy high-quality clothes, luxurious jewelry, well- known pictures or even ancients objects in most stores there. Don’t miss any chances to have a look at its surroundings. Maybe you can find anything special and original in numbers of shops such as Paddy’s markets, Rozelle markets or Eveleigh Markets.

Wonderful landscapes

Beside beautiful beaches, parks or zoos, tourists make use of their time to have a ride on the green road and take a climb on the immeasurably high mountains in Sydney. Especially, Sydney people are very hospitable, friendly, and helpful. They will guide you to anywhere in their area without any bad purposes. Therefore, why don’t arrange your busy schedules to have a cruise to the city

Sydney is always in my mind. Let come there to widen your knowledge as well as promote your image of beloved country to the world. It is a precious opportunity for everyone to improve English ability in an English –spoken country.

Things to do in Sydney


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