Sidney Opera House, The Most Iconic Place to Visit in Australia

Sydney Opera House is just one short walk to Circular Quay, by the water’s edge at Bennelong Point. It’s best seen in perspective with its high white roofs, reminiscent of white shells and full sails, creating an almost dreamlike appearance.

Opera House” is, in reality, an exaggeration: it’s actually an arts center for performing arts and one of the most crowded worldwide, featuring five theatres within its shells, as well as bars, restaurants, and cafes, as well as a plethora of boutique souvenir shops that are upmarket on the lower level of the concourse.

Sidney Opera House
Sidney Opera House, photo by Kevin Silva

The first reason for building the structure was to house Sydney Symphony Orchestra. Sydney Symphony Orchestra was designed with the massive Concert Hall, seating 2690, as the main central point. The small Opera Theatre (1547 seats) is the Sydney stage to Opera Australia and the Australian Ballet.

Three theaters include the Drama Theatre, used primarily by the Sydney Theatre Company; The Playhouse, utilized by traveling actors; and The Studio, the more private.

Backstage tours with guides are offered if you’re not satisfied with just looking out the window. However, the most effective way to enjoy your experience at the Opera House is to attend an evening show that may include contemporary musicians like Beach House, Blur, and Tame Impala.

There is also the option of eating in one of Sydney’s top eateries, Bennelong, overlooking the city skyline. You can also enjoy drinks at the magnificently located Opera Bar on the lower concourse. The best value packages, including meals, tours, drinks, dinner cruises, and shows, can be bought from the Opera House or the official website.

Sydney Opera House

  • Bennelong Point Guided tours Daily 9am–5pm;
  • Backstage tours Daily 7am; 2hr 30min;
  • Opera Australia Season runs Feb–March & June–Nov;
  • Australian Ballet Season runs mid-March to May & Nov–Dec;


Bennelong Point, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

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