March 23, 2023

5 Arch of Kintai Bridge

Kintai Bridge which was built in 1673 is one of the unique tourist spots in Japan. Kintai Bridge is a wooden bridge with 5 arches, with a stone foundation on the Nishiki River, Kintai Bridge is located in Yamaguchi prefecture in southern Japan. Kintai Bridge is located close to Iwakuni Castle which is at the top of the mountain near the bridge site.

These two tourist attractions were later named National Cultural Heritage in 1922.

The name kintai itself means a gold tie, which refers to the cloth that ties the stomach and hips (called obi in Japanese). Well, the most famous type of obi pattern is Nishiki Obi. So the Kintai Bridge is very closely related to the Nishiki River. This bridge has been affected by disasters and rebuilt many times, and the last one was a hurricane in 1951. Kintai Bridge was finally completed in 1953. The last renovation was carried out in early 2000