Tampak Siring Presidential Palace Bali

Tampak Siring Presidential Palace

Tampak Siring Presidential Palace is one of the historical relics that was built at the request of Indonesia’s first president, Ir. Soekarno. Until now, the Tampak Siring Palace is still functioning as the location for holding state events. Even the Tampak Siring palace is also often used as the location of the presidential meeting with its ministers.

History of Tampak Siring Presidential Palace

The Tampak Siring Presidential Palace was built after Indonesia gained independence on the initiative of Ir. Soekarno. He wants a cool and peaceful place for a suitable retreat for the head of state and his family as well as for state guests. So in Tampaksiring it was a suitable place for palace buildings.

The Tampak Siring Presidential Palace was built in several stages, with Architect R. M. Soedarsono. The Tampak Siring Palace was first built in 1957 until it was finally completed in 1963. The Tampak Siring Palace consists of four buildings:
– Wisma Negara Building
– Wisma Bima Building
– Wisma Yudistira Building
– Wisma Merdeka Building

Tampak Siring Presidential Palace was built above an altitude of 700 m above sea level.

When you enter the palace gate, you will be greeted with tame deer and can be fed. Just take the leaves available in the palace, then call the deer, then the deer naturally come. Moving forward, we will find a large hall.

Not far from the big hall, you will find a Wisma Merdeka Guestouse that has an area of ​​1200 meters as the bedroom of Ir. Soekarno, the family of state guests and also the number one work place in Indonesia. Then you will meet the  Wisma Negara , between the two houses there is a bridge of friendship that takes us to the bedroom of Ir. Soekarno.

Tampak Siring Presidential Palace
The Bridge of Friendship

In this “Wisma Negara” where the president entertains his guests. There is another Wisma Yudistira Guesthouse used for the president’s guest group. For “Wisma Bima” itself is usually used to stay presidential guards.

Mystery of the Tampak Siring Presidential Palace

According to the story, Ir. Soekarno is often cleaned every morning because it is always messy in the morning like he has been occupied. In fact, the room was not used by anyone. Then there is another story that mentions a statue of a small child who was pulling a thorn in one of his legs. Reportedly, the foot raised by the statue often changes legs but with the same style, from left to right or vice versa.

Legend of the Tampak Siring Presidential Palace

The name of Tampak Siring Presidential Palace is taken from a combination of two words in the Balinese language, which are Tampak which means that foot print and Siring means tilted. That said, according to the legend written on the Balinese palm leaves and believed there, Tampaksiring is the footprint of a king named Mayadenawa. Mayadenawa is a powerful and intelligent king.

Unfortunately, Mayadenawa is a king who is angry. He considered himself a god and told his people to worship him like a god. Batara Indra was angry and sent his army to chase Mayadenawa.

Mayadenawa then fled to the forest by tilting his feet to intend to trick his pursuers. He hoped that the Batara Indra army could not recognize his footprints. Unfortunately, the pursuers were able to catch him.

Previously with the rest of his powers, he managed to create a poisonous spring to kill the pursuers when drinking the spring. For this reason, Batara Indra created a poison antidote called Tirta Empul which means holy water. The forest area is then called Tampak Siring.


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