Enjoy Fried Tarantulas Menu in Cambodia

tarantula menu

Hearing the name Tarantula, some people might feel scared. How animals that have fur all over their bodies up to their legs are clearly described in their minds. coupled with poisonous bites and larger body size when compared to spiders.

But for Cambodians, tarantulas are a delicious meal when seasoned with salt and garlic and fried using hot oil.

Due to the habit of consuming tarantulas, their existence is now threatened with extinction, due to uncontrolled hunting of tarantulas and massive deforestation,

As reported by AFP, in the Skun region, Kampong Cham Province, which is often nicknamed “Spiderville”, tourists can watch how tarantulas are fried and eaten. Most of the fried tarantula customers are local residents.

Apart from the pros and cons, are you interested in tasting it?


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