Tedak Siten, Ritual of Stepping Foot on Earth For Children

Tedhak Siten

Tedhak siten is a Ritual of Stepping Foot on Earth For Children when a child first learns to set foot on the ground. Tedhak comes from Javanese which means stepping on it, and Siten means land. Tedhak Siten’s tradition is generally carried out when the child enters the age of seven or eight months. Tedhak Siten’s tradition is done as a tribute to the earth, where children learn to set foot.

The implementation of the Tedhak Siten procession began in the morning by preparing a variety of foods, namely seven-color jadah and cone with whole chicken. Then, the child is guided to do the procession by stepping foot on a seven-color pot and the procession going up the stairs. The ladder provided is made from arjuna sugar cane. The meaning is that children have characteristics like Arjuna (puppet figures who are responsible and tough).

Then, the child is locked in a chicken cage. and then, the child will be asked to choose three objects that have been provided. The items provided include jewelry, stationery, cotton, mirrors, books, and so on. Children are asked to take three objects without the help of others. Three objects chosen by the child will describe the child’s future. Next is the spread of yellow rice mixed with money to the people watching. This is so the child has a generous nature. The last procession is to release the chicken.

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