The Baduy Root Bridge is Still Saves a Mystery

If the Mayans in Egypt are known as the pyramid building, then the Baduy Tribe is famous for its root bridge building which was built without nails, bolts or other binders

The Baduy tribe who lives in Lebak, Banten is one of the few inland tribes in Indonesia that shut themselves down from modern civilization. The Baduy prefer to live in harmony with nature.

The Baduy Root Bridge
The Baduy Root Bridge, Photo via

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The life of the Baduy tribe is still very primitive, and until now the Baduy tribes still reject the presence of  technology in their lives. However, beside hunting and utilizing crops, the Baduy have the ability to build things without using nails, bolts or other tools.

logically, this is certainly very impossible and unreasonable. But in fact, somewhere in Banten there is a famous Root Bridge because it was built by the Baduy without any binder at all. This 30 cm wide root bridge spans the Cisimeut river. This root bridge connects the Baduy tribe with outside civilization. This bridge is one of the routes that you will encounter when going into the Baduy Tribe area and becoming the main icon when visiting this place.

The Baduy Root Bridge still looks sturdy and charming, even though it is only made of tree roots. While at the bottom there is bamboo which can also be used as a road. This root bridge stands right in Batara Village, Banten. Based on the stories of people around, the bridge was originally only a bamboo tree on a river that was crossed by people who would visit their fields and villages. But over time, these bamboos are traced to the thick roots of trees. That said, the root propagation process lasts around 50-70 years.

The root bridge is one proof of how the Baduy community in synergy with nature. However, whatever the facts, the existence of the root bridge is a witness to the existence and life of the Baduy Tribe.  Although it looks quite scary and not everyone dares to cross this bridge, the root bridge is very safe for tourists visiting. However you are encouraged to keep holding and be careful when crossing this bridge because the bridge is slippery, and under the bridge it is a river with quite heavy currents.

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