The Dieng Craters | All About Dieng Tourism- Part 2

The Dieng Craters

Dieng Craters

The active crater in Dieng is the crater for volcanic activity under the plateau. Resembling ‘the sleeping dragon’, might be a metaphor that refers to the active volcanic activity that is still active at some points in this area.

The characteristics of volcanic activity in the Dieng plateau can be seen through the existence of craters scattered at some points in this area. That’s why Dieng called as an area whose the most number crater in Indonesia. Some of the craters, there are Sikidang, Sileri, Timbang, Sibanteng, Candradimuka and others crater. The following is the short narration of the craters.

1. Sikidang Crater

Sikidang crater is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Dieng tourism area both domestic and foreign.

The landscape is very special because arriving in the parking area; the visitors are performed by the exclusive view of the white spread out land with white smoke of Sikidang crater which can be seen from a distance. The white spread out area which is actually a stack precipitate sulfur giving the more exotic impression with the flowing small stream and the green scenery of the forest around.

Sikidang Crater

Sikidang crater is a volcanic crater with a large kepundan that can be seen directly with the naked eye of the lips crater. Water and grey lava are always roiling appear of moving even jumping like a kijang means a deer. So It is known as the Sikidang crater. Sometimes from around the location also smelt the scent of sulfur sting.

2. Sileri Crater

Sileri crater is located in Pagerkandang mountain, Kepakisan village, Batur, Banjarnegara district,
around 7 km from the Dieng plateau tourism area. Sileri is the widest crater at Dieng. The wide of crater is about 4 hectares, with flat Kepundan so the water flowing down. The grayish watercolor of crater resembling water from the washing rice (leri). That is the beginning of why it is called Sileri crater.

Sileri Crater
Sileri Crater, photo via

3. Candradimuka Crater

This is the crater often mentioned in puppet legend as the place where Gatutkaca bathed so he had the magical power.
It is located in Pekasiran village, Batur subdistrict, Banjarnegara regency. The distance is less than 6 km from the Dieng plateau tourism area. The crater is also included the active crater so the white smoke often meets the surface of crater making the crater’s pool is invisible. In the near of crater located a cave named Semar cave which has springs. Although it is located near the heat crater but water from this cave is cold.

Candradimuka Crater
Candradimuka Crater, Dieng Plateau

4. Timbang Crater

Timbang crater located in the Batur village, Batur subdistrict. It is located in the middle of the resident’s agricultural garden. Timbang crater is being considered as the popular active crater because it had ever reported because of spew poisonous gas in 2013 and 2014.

The news of various print media and electronic makes its name spread throughout the world.

Timbang Crater
Timbang Crater, photo via

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