The Elephant Conservation Centre in Thailand

The Elephant Conservation Centre in Thailand

Have you ever wondered that if the elephant in Thailand is different from the elephant in Vietnam? Come to Chiang Mai, Thailand and find the answer. It will take you one hour to come this destination, the Thai Elephant Conservation Centre. You will not only look at by naked eye but also see how the elephants are treated when they are ill. There is a hospital called Elephant Conservation Centre. It is 500 hectare and under the Royal Patronage. All elephants which are captured wide and domesticated are looked after in this Centre.

The center, whose main target is to protect Thai elephants, studies on various academic and veterinary projects like Biogas Producing System from Elephant Dung, an Education Center for Veterinary Students, Elephant Sperm Bank Project, Elephant adoption, Elephant Nursery Center and Elephant Mobile Clinic.

Guests who visit this Centre can watch elephant shows, have a ride on elephant’s back, join an elephant trek or even live and learn about elephants. After that, a program called the “mahout training program” will happen. This homestay program which lasts 10 days will offer the elephant lovers to experience the life of a mahout and his elephant. Participants will live in the same house as the mahout and attend in various communal activities from bathing an elephant to learning how to instruct the elephant to haul logs. The program also includes cooking and dining under northern Khan Tok style.

It is so interesting. Do not fear the elephants. They are friendly and nice that make you happy during the trip.

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