The Exotic Coban Sewu/ Tumpak Sewu Waterfall Lumajang, East Java

Coban Sewu Waterfall

If you are passing by or visit Lumajang Regency, East Java, don’t miss to visit the Coban Sewu waterfall tour. Yes, Coban Sewu is one of the mainstay attractions in Lumajang Regency,

The existence of the Coban Sewu waterfall complements various other tourist attractions in this district, such as Tlepuk Beach, Dampar Beach, Wotgalih Beach, Lake Triangle, Manggisan Waterfall, Watu Godek Beach, Watu Pecak Beach, Bambang Beach, Selokambang Baths and B-29 Peak.

Coban Sewu Waterfall is located in Sidomulyo Village, Pronojiwo District, Lumajang Regency.

If you visit Coban Sewu, prepare your physique well, because it takes a struggle to pass the road that is not so good and down the river with steep cliffs and slippery rocks.


The beauty of Coban Sewu Lumajang

Coban Sewu Lumajang Waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in East Java. This waterfall has a wide and high waterfall area combined with steep cliffs and clear water.

Many travelers call it a hidden paradise because it is quite difficult to travel to this destination.

As a new tourist destination, not too many people know about Coban Sewu Lumajang. But as more and more visits, these attractions have begun to be discussed and become a destination for local tourists. Some foreign tourists even stopped by.

Initially, information about Coban Sewu was hidden by local residents for fear of not being maintained by the government such as the Tetes Cave. But after being given direction and reassured, local residents opened up and now hope that Coban Sewu can be developed.


Down the river

Coban in Javanese means waterfall, the same as curug in Sundanese. Being sewu means a thousand. Maybe because the flow of water in this Coban is very much along the cliff.

The height of this waterfall is quite horrifying when we take photos of the cliffs. If you want to see the waterfall from below, you can go down through the Tetes Cave. But visitors must be careful because the terrain faced is quite difficult and slippery.

After reaching the bottom, we must fight the flow of the river. When down the river, you also need to be careful because the current is quite strong and swift.

When down this river visitors will be treated to stunning natural scenery around, as if we were in another nature.


Niagara in Indonesia

Coban Sewu is different from other waterfalls. This is a struggle that must be passed to achieve it. Visitors must walk along the river, up and down the slippery cliffs full of moss. Must be extra careful to pass it.

Your struggle will pay off when you reach the waterfall. The water is very clear and the atmosphere is still very natural, perfect for those who like photography and adventure.

Some even say, to enjoy how amazing Niagara Falls, now do not need to go far to the United States but enough to Coban Sewu Lumajang.

Coban Sewu will answer all your amazement about the super high, dark and big waterfall. Not too much if Tumpak Sewu Waterfall, the nickname of Coban Sewu, is Indonesian Niagara.


Tips on Visiting Coban Sewu Lumajang

There are at least seven things that must be considered by travelers who plan to travel to Coban Sewu:

  • Use Shoes / Jagged Sandals
    Shoes / jagged sandals will make it easier for us to go down steep cliffs and slippery mossy rock.
  • Never try to find your own way.
    Use the services of a local guide, because there is no steady path. The path is made by local residents who work as grass seekers who break through the road so that visitors can pass.
  • Protect your electronic equipment with tight plastic packaging, and put it in a bag.
    This is because when down the river you will be hit by strong winds that carry drops of water. So as not to get wet exposed to water.
  • If you visit a group, you can bring a rope to hold all participants to make it safer.
  • Bring snacks and mineral water, because there are no food and beverage vendors on site.
  • Better to visit it in the morning
    It is important for you to note that this waterfall is located in a forest, not a coastal area, so if you want to go to this place you should come in the morning. By visiting coban sewu in the morning, you can get fresh air or oxygen.
  • Make sure you pay attention to the weather. If it’s cloudy, it’s better not to continue because it will be dangerous.

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