The Gebug Ende Tradition, A Rain Calling Ritual

Gebug Ende / rattan war is a rain calling ritual that takes place in Seraya Village, Kec. Karangasem, Kab. Karangasem – Bali. This rain calling ritual is usually held between October and December when residents have just planted corn in the corners of the village.

gebug ende
Gebug Ende ritual, photo via

Gebug Ende is also called the rattan war. Villagers will gather, dance and get ready to hit the opponent with a rattan stick or fend off the opponent’s attack with a shield.

This shield/Ende is made from dried cowhide which is then woven in a circle.

Their “war” method is very interesting but also terrible, because they duel one-on-one using ratters without wearing clothes, only wearing traditional cloth. Inevitably the blood flowing from his body/head will flow due to the blow of a rattan, at the very least a bruise will leave every stroke of the rattan landed on his back especially Gebug is played under the blazing sun.

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