Australia Tourist Attraction, The Hyde Park Barracks

The Hyde Park Barracks, bordering the park was designed by convict architect Francis Greenway to house six hundred male convicts.

In 1819, it was constructed without the permission of London. It is Australia’s oldest institution, as well as one of the most comprehensive convict barracks in the past British Empire. 

Today, it is a museum that focuses on the architectural and social historical background of Sydney. It’s a wonderful location to go to for an insight into the life of prisoners in the beginning that the city was a colony.

When we wrote this article, it was in the midst of a massive transformation to become an “world-leading culture destination” This means that the following information may have changed since the time you go.

Start at the top and play in recreations of rough hammocks that prisoners hung from beams that are exposed.

You can conduct a digital search to find information about some convicts’ backgrounds and histories Some of them were American sailors who were arrested for misdeeds during their time at Dublin as well as English ports (look at the poor William Pink).

The Barracks later welcomed single women from the country most of whom were Irish who were fleeing the potato famine. An exhibition in the middle examines the particular life of Irish orphaned girls, more than 4000 of them visited the barracks from 1848 and 1850. In the next room, visitors will see how these buildings were altered to meet changing requirements through a variety of precise scale models.

Ground-floor exhibits provide insight into the reasons Australian colonies were established initially. The restoration of one of prison hulks which were used to line up the Thames in London is a clear indicator of how dire the situation was once Britain was unable to be able to transport criminals from its shores into America following the declaration of independence.

Be sure to check out the fantastic temporary exhibitions of historical significance in addition to the room that has been stripped to reveal the original design.

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