The Mushroom Hill, An Instagramable Tourist Attraction in Gresik East Java

The Mushroom Hill

There are a lot of tourist attractions in Indonesia, one of them is Mushroom Hill located in the district Bungah, Gresik, East Java Indonesia. Here you can find limestone rocks that form a mushroom-like shape. These large rocks were formed naturally and were formerly a limestone mining area.


Mushroom Hill is a new tourist attraction in Gresik. The Mushroom Hill Tour is known in general only around year 2015. Although still a new tourist place, its charm is not inferior to other tourist attractions in East Java. Mushroom Hill has become a unique attraction for people of Gresik, Surabaya, Lamongan, Sidoarjo, and Mojokerto. Every Saturday-Sunday Mushroom Hill is full of visitors. Because, besides that day, Mushroom Hill is closed to the public.

Because of the unique view of this mushroom hill, there are many tourist lovers here to add to the collection of Instagram photos, because the scenery is amazing and rarely found hills like this in Indonesia.

Besides being a tourist attraction to fill your holiday, The Mushroom Hill becomes a beautiful place to unwind after a trip. To enter the unique tourism objects visited by tourists both young and old, visitors are free of charge.

Visitors only pay for parking fees. In between, motorcycles are only charged at IDR 3.000,00 and four-wheeled vehicles are charged at IDR 5.000,00

How to reach the Mushroom Hill Gresik East Java

How to get to The Mushroom Hill from Surabaya, you can take the direction to the housing of Gresik Kota Baru. After entering the housing continued until the housing exit GKB. After to the end turn left to the highway further until you find the bridge Sembayat, straight on to meet the junction of Dukun village straight. About 300 m left from the T-Junction will find housing and limestone mines, the course of lime, and there is a portal, well that’s the entrance.

Although it is potentially a mainstay destination in Gresik, it can not be maximized yet. Because, until now, the location of The Mushroom Hill still belongs to the individual. The landowner works with the local village government to manage this unique tourist attraction.

That’s the information about The Mushroom Hill Gresik Indonesia. Hopefully useful and welcome to visit


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