The Top 5 things To Do In Ubud Bali

Why Ubud?

Ubud with a rustic atmosphere that is calm and peaceful, supported by its cool weather makes us comfortable and reluctant to go from Ubud. Ubud is the right place to escape after so long we have lived a hard, stressful life, enjoying traffic jams and air pollution.

Here 5 things to do in Ubud

1. Culinary Tour

Well, a culinary tour in Ubud is a must-try. Various kinds of culinary here can be found in Ubud. Starting from European, American, until Asian cuisine is in Ubud, the price also starts from the cheap, until the expensive can also be found in Ubud

For Balinese specialties, there are mixed rice, pork roll (which is recommended, it says Bu Oka pork roll), Duck (recommended “Bebek Tepi Sawah Ubud“), all of which you can try in Ubud.

Ubud Culinary
Ubud Culinary, photo via

2. Visit the Museum

Yes, the Museum. Museums in Ubud generally present a collection of paintings. Ubud is thick with its beautiful art. If you are visiting Ubud, you should visit the museums here, especially if you are an art lover

You can visit the museum here such as:

  • Five Art Studio, Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA)
  • Neka Art Museum,
  • Museum Puri Lukisan,
  • The Blanco Rennaisance Museum (known as the Museum Antonio Blanco).

things to do in Ubud

3. Do Yoga Activities

Yoga in Ubud has a very different atmosphere! Moreover, when you do Yoga in the morning, you can enjoy the morning air that is still very fresh, enjoy the view of beautiful rice fields while hearing birds chirping which can calm the heart and mind. Ubud is very famous for its global yoga activities. Foreign and domestic tourists, usually come to Ubud to learn yoga.

Usually the hotels in Ubud provide yoga facilities, there is also a special place for Yoga. From the beginner, to the professional. You won’t regret doing yoga in Ubud.

Yoga Activities
Yoga Activities, photo via

4. Watch the traditional dance performance

In addition to its beautiful natural panorama, Ubud has an extraordinary cultural richness. One of them is dance performances. You can watch traditional dance performances in Ubud from Monday to Saturday every day, as well as every 1st and 15th or every full moon.


5. Explore Ubud Monkey Forest

In the Monkey Forest, monkeys are allowed to roam freely. Start from the babies, teenagers and older ones!

You can take pictures freely with the monkey. But be careful with your belongings, monkeys sometimes nosy and love to pick up tourist luggage such as Handphone, glasses, and watches. The atmosphere in the Monkey Forest is very cool, many trees in the shade.

Monkey forest Ubud


There are a few other things you can do in Ubud, such as visiting rice farms on the Terrace at the Tegalalang Rice Terraces. You can explore the rest. If you need guidance from a tour guide, you can search for a trusted local guide or try the GetYourGuide service here


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