The top 7 new tourist attractions around the world

2020 was a year of travel being halted and lockdowns. 2021, however, has seen a reopening of many trips, rebooked trips, and new projects emerge after a year.

While the travel industry is still in recovery and faces challenges, there are many things to be proud of as we enter the holiday season and into 2022. Here are the top tourist attractions that you should add to your travel bucket list for next year.

Summit One Vanderbilt

new tourist attractions around the world

Summit One Vanderbilt is the place to go if you long for views of New York City’s skyline. This is the city’s new observation deck, located above Grand Central Terminal.

Summit One Vanderbilt offers more than stunning views. The space offers unique ways to explore the city through interactive art installations.

Visitors are suspended by Levitation “skyboxes” above the city. Transcendence, a two-story mirror space (mirrored space) transports them into what feels like an Interstellar tesseract. Affinity is also filled with silver balloons as well as mirrors.

No matter where you are in the Summit One Vanderbilt area, you will see the Big Apple from a completely different perspective.

Munch Museum

top 7 new tourist attractions
Image by eivind askeland

The newly reopened Munch Museum in Oslo, Norway is a great place for art lovers. This museum houses Edvard Munch’s largest collection. It was first opened in May 1963. However, it has been extensively renovated in recent years. The new Munch museum was opened in October. It has 11 galleries and more than 200 pieces of art.

Adult tickets are 160 NOK (about $18.50), while children 15 and under can go free.

Disneyland’s Marvel’s Avengers Campus

Avengers Campus
Image by kruthika k

We can’t talk of the best attractions without mentioning Disneyland’s latest addition, Marvel’s Avengers Campus.

You may be able to meet Marvel superheroes like Black Widow, Spiderman and Dora Milaje while you are at the park. Web Slingers, A Spider-Man Adventure (the newest attraction in the area) and Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout are also available.

There are many food options in Disney parks. While you’re there, make sure to visit Shawarma Palace and Pym Test Kitchen, both superhero-favorite restaurants.

Little Island

Little Island
image by michael grimm

Little Island is another attraction that has recently opened in New York City. This floating park is located at Pier 54, Hudson River. It’s made up of 132 concrete platforms and sprouts from the water like tulips.

With more than 100 trees and 350 flower species, the park is a haven from the city. There are also lots of activities for all ages. The Amph is an amphitheater that hosts a variety of performances and events. You can also find nearby food trucks so that you can get a bite while you’re there.

New York is starting to get colder so it’s best to wait until spring to visit this place. If you are planning to visit New York in the warmer months, this should be on your to-do list.

CopenHill climbing wall

Copenhill climbing wall

The world’s highest artificial claiming wall is now located in Denmark. Although CopenHill, Copenhagen, Denmark was technically inaugurated in 2020, it is only 2021 that U.S. tourists have had the opportunity to actually see it.

The wall can be climbed by experienced climbers to the side of the nearly 280-foot tall building. There are 10 routes that lead to the top. Each route has a different difficulty level. However, you must be at least 18 years of age and an experienced climber. This route is not recommended for beginners.

CopenHill’s newest addition is the wall. It also offers many other outdoor activities. The roof of the building slopes down to provide a variety of places for running, hiking, and even skiing or snowboarding.

Sky Lagoon

sky lagoon
Image by geoff robinson

Iceland’s new thermal spa is available for those who want to relax and not feel the rush of adrenaline. It’s located near Reykjavik. Sky Lagoon, an oceanside geothermal lagoon overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, is called Sky Lagoon.

You can buy passes to the spa starting at 6,990 ISK (around $50), but more expensive passes include The Ritual, a seven-step spa treatment.

If you’re fortunate (and you time your visit correctly), you may even see the northern lights as you swim in the lagoon’s warm waters.

Studio tour of Game of Thrones

tourist attractions around the world
image by markrugby

Whatever your opinion on the final season of Game of Thrones, I believe we can all agree that the set design and filming locations were spectacular. While many of the filming locations in Belfast (Ireland) and Dubrovnik (Croatian Republic) have been popular tourist destinations for years, Linen Mills Studio, Northern Ireland, will open a new studio tour at some point in this year.

The studio tour will begin once it opens officially (at the time this article was written, the website stated that it would open sometime in the next year).

Visitors can tour the sets that were used in the show, including original set pieces, weapons, costumes, and props. This tour was developed in partnership by HBO and is the only permanent licensed “Game of Thrones” experience.

Studio is currently hiring for the attraction. We are keeping our fingers crossed that the opening will continue to move forward for later in the year. Winter is on its way.


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