The Tourist Police in Bali, What Are Their duties?

Bali tourism

The existence of a tourist police in Bali has actually been around a long time, but do you know what the duty of the tourist police is?

Bali Tourism Police

Tourist Police is a special unit of the Indonesian Police that works under Ditpamobvit (Directorate of Vital Object Protection) of the Bali Regional Police. Their job is to ensure that your trip is pleasant and hassle-free.

As a tourist destination visited by tourists from various countries in the world, no doubt there are always tourists who do damage in Bali. Cases like abuse or theft of skimming in Bali involve many tourists.

The presence of the tourism police in Bali is to provide services and a sense of security for tourists visiting Bali. Some tourist destinations such as Kuta area and some vital places in Bali are always under the supervision of this tourism police.

The main task of the tourism police is community service in vital places, including attractions places. The tourism police also have a duty to enforce the law. It’s just that they are equipped with foreign language skills.


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