Ujung Kulon National Park, Home of ​the one-horned Javan rhinoceros

Ujung Kulon National Park

Ujung Kulon National Park is located rather isolated on the southwestern tip of Java Island, covering an area of ​​760 km2, including Panaitan Island. Because of its remote location and difficult to reach location, Ujung Kulon is still an original forest area with wild nature that has not been touched by human hands. The area which was declared a world heritage in 1991 (World Heritage Site) has a nice coastal area with pristine sea coral. In addition, here there are also lowland rainforests, shrubs, grasslands, swamp swamps, and rivers inhabited by various flora. Very few tourists come to this place. However, apart from its remote location, Ujung Kulon is a very valuable National Park area on Java.

Ujung Kulon is famous as the last area of ​​the one-horned Javan rhinoceros (Rhinoceros sondaicus), which is currently estimated to be only around 60. However, this shy animal is very rarely seen by humans. The Javan Rhino is one of the large endangered mammals. In the past the population was spread in South and Southeast Asia, now the population is estimated to be only 60: 50 in Ujung Kulon National Park and 10 more in Cat Loc National Park, Vietnam.

Visitors at this time will more often meet wild boar bulls, monkeys, beavers, long-armed monkeys and squirrels. Panters also live in the Ujung Kulon forest and crocodiles are found in river mouths, but these animals are also rarely seen. Green turtles lay eggs on the beach of Ujung Kulon. This area also has various types of birds. On Peucang Island there are many large deer and lizards. on the beach, there are sea corals which are good for snorkeling.

Visitors can take a trekking trip in the Ujung Kulon National Park area along the peninsula coast around Mount Payung at the west end. The main road to reach Ujung Kulon is through Tamanjaya which has lodging facilities and provides guides to accompany three days of trekking across the west coast and continue to Peucang Island . This trip can be done by anyone, although not too easy, but it is very valuable to know the biodiversity found in this place.

The journey begins by following the trail to the south coast where there is a lodging in Cibandawoh Beach. Accommodation in this area is generally very simple and what is, but it is useful to rest. You should bring a tent because you have to spend the night here. On the second day, you have to walk for five hours along the coast to a lodging on the Cibunar River that must be crossed. On the third day the trip will cross the hills for up to five hours to reach the west coast at Cidaon which faces Peucang Island.

This trip can be done through another route, but it is longer with a beautiful panorama of the beach, namely from Cibunar through Sanghiang Sirah, to the lighthouse located in Tanjung Layar, the westernmost tip of Java Island.
Peucang Island has beautiful white sand beaches and sea corals found on the east coast.

Peucang Island is an alternative road for tourists going to Ujung Kulon via the sea, but this route can only be reached by boats departing from Labuan.

The large island of Panaitan also has a good beach and can also be explored by trekking even though reaching the island requires more expensive fees. Panaitan Beach is also popular with surfers. Panaitan Island can be explored on foot and it takes a day to explore the island from the PHPA post at Legon Butun to the other PHPA post at Legon Haji. Visitors can also walk to the top of Mount Raksa, where there is a Hindu statue of Ganesha, from Citambuyung on the east coast.

The Ujung Kulon National Park area can be reached through two routes, land and sea. The easiest way to get to Ujung Kulon is to take a public bus ride from Labuan to the well and from the well to Tamanjaya for 20 km through a non-smooth road. At Tamanjaya there is the National Park Office, you must report before starting the journey into the National Park.

Sumur is a fishing village, here are stalls, shops and inn inns. Another route to Ujung Kulon is to take a boat from Carita or Labuan at a rate of around Rp. 1 million where you can land on Handeuleum or Peucang Island and because the trip is quite far and the waves are sometimes quite large, choose a boat that is in good condition.

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