The unique symbols of Australia and Melbourne, A picturesque city in the world

The unique symbols of Australia

Australia is known as not only a country of rich natural resources but also the top education in the world. Additionally, it is appreciated as the homeland of special animals and colorful flowers. The geographical difference among states leads to the different symbols of flowers and animals in Australia. Each flower or animal represents typical aspects of culture, customs and history of each area.

The national flowers in Australia

The Wattle flower

The Wattle flower is officially used in Australian national emblem. It symbolizes the patience and the persistence of Australian people. Furthermore, each state or territory has a separate flower as its symbol. They are Waratah in New South Wales, Pink health in Victoria, Mangles Kangaroo Paw in Western Australia, Cook town Orchid in Qeensland, Sturt’s Blue Gum in Tasmania, Royal Bluebell in Canberra, and Sturt’s Besert Rose in Northern Territory.

The national animals in Australia

The national animals in Australia

Kangaroo – a mammal animal and a marsupial mainly lives in Australia and some adjacent islands. It gives birth and brings its child in the marsupial in front of his stomach. There are more than 50 kinds of kangaroos. Kangaroos eat grass and plants but some small ones can eat worms and dead animals. Kangaroo is the pride of Australian people.

Koala is also a popular kind of animal in Australia. It has thick soft fur, gray or blue. A koala lives in the South in Australia and eats leaves. It gets pregnant for 35 days and gives birth to a baby koala.

Emu- a special kind of birds lives everywhere, even in the desert but it cannot fly. It eats plants and raw meat. Thanks to long legs, it can run very fast up to 50 kilometers per hour. In short, an exploration into the original symbols of Australia will help visitors deeply understand about traditional culture, annual festivals, and standard etiquettes there. Besides, it provides useful information for visitors in terms of studying or working in this country. Knowing the symbols partly shows your respects and gratitude to the Australian.

Melbourne – A picturesque city in the world


The second largest city in Australia, Melbourne is voted as one of three cities which are worth living in the world in terms of culture, weather, living standard, and social conditions. Although it is not the busiest city, Melbourne takes its pride in long- life cultural tradition and original customs. Melbourne is well- known for colorful festivals, restaurants with experienced international staff, exciting art activities. It is the land of the parks, gardens and green meadows. Simultaneous, it is the heaven of some popular kinds of sports such as tennis, racing horse, and golf.

Food in Melbourne

Melbourne serves all visitors all over the world with wonderful dishes. It is famous for rich cuisine and reasonable price. You can drop in a number of restaurants such as MV LADY Chelmsford Showboat, Feddish, or Shark Fin House. In March, the festival of cuisine in Melbourne will attract a great number of tourists. It is a precious chance for cooks in the world to show their talents as well as share their experiences in their field.

Shopping in Melbourne

Shopping in Melbourne
Camberwell market, Photo: Alpha

The quality and price of commodity will make you impressive. One of the favorite shopping destinations is Camberwell market where you can buy everything with the surprisingly cheap price, even free. The market is held on Sundays with 300 display cases. Visitors can purchase a wide range of products such as food, pictures, clothes, jewelry, and accessories. Besides, you can visit Queen Victoria market, South Melbourne market, Federation square, and Melbourne central.

Transportation in Melbourne

The public transportation system in Melbourne has 3 kinds of vehicle: airtrain, tram, and bus. The airtrain is the most convenient because it can transport the number of passengers and move far from the city center. In Melbourne, there is only a kind of fare “ Metcard” used for all public transportation.


Melbourne has a chain of hotels and motels with a variety of price levels. The majority of high- quality hotels are situated in the city center, which helps visitors easily approach landscapes, bars, and restaurants. Along Flinders street are the hotels with classic styles with the high cost. Other peaceful and cheap places are in the South Coast of Yarra river.

In short, No one can deny that Melbourne is a wonderful city to live and study. The tourist attraction will help you not only save cost but also enjoy your relaxation perfectly.

Things to do in Melbourne


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