The World Heritage Sites Of Budapest, Hungary

A spectator’s delight Budapest offers all those things, which can put you on the high of fascination. The Hungarian capital is a treasure trove of several historical and cultural monuments. Alluring tourists with its striking vistas and magnificent citadels, museums and vibrant parks, Budapest makes its entry in the list of some of the most beautiful cities of the world. The city also offers number of World Heritage Sites to gawk on… checkout, where can you lose your heart… 😉

Castle District

A mute storyteller of Budapest, Castle District opens pages of the glorious history of the enthralling Hungarian Capital. It was the first to be nominated as World Heritage Site in Budapest. There are many places to roam around in Castle District.

The Castle Quarter

The Castle Quarter is standing tall for centuries. However, numerous sieges, wars and natural disaster tried to destroy it but its magnificence is still alive. Nonetheless, remains of earliest monuments are preserved by renovation works but Baroque Buildings have become major attraction for tourists in the district.

Royal Palace

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Taking you on a historical expedition, this gorgeous palace is important not only for Budapest but also for the entire country. This is taken as the zero centre or originator of Hungarian culture… Now housing the Budapest Historical Museum, The National Gallery and the National Széchenyi Library, the Royal Palace is also giving you more chances to know more about glorious history of the country.

Trinity Square Budapest

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The most visited site in the district calls you to take a look of Budapest’s architectural brilliance, 700 years old ‘Mathias Church.’ A companion of the Royal Palace, the church has seen many phases. A witness of numerous important alterations in Hungary’s history, the church was also altered as mosque once but in 19th century, it was reconstructed in the Neo-Gothic style. A favourite place for concerts in Budapest, Mathias Church is also an attraction for camera-clad tourists.

A view of Danube Panorama from Chain Bridge, Elizabeth Bridge (Erzsébet híd) and Liberty Bridge (Szabadság híd) – Connecting Buda and Pest, Chain Bridge experiences a great tourist influx, as it presents an incredible display of one of the most beautiful panoramas on the planet. This bridge is linked by pallid shaded Bridge (Erzsébet híd) and Liberty Bridge (Szabadság híd). These two bridges play an important role in the linking of two different parts of the city and make them a single unit. The ‘Pest’ end of Chain Bridge offers a tour to two architectural gems of Hungary, which are respectively The Neo-Renaissance Hungarian Academy of Sciences and Gresham Palace.

Andrássy Avenue & Heros’ Square

Heros' Square Budapest
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These two places made their entry in the World Heritage List in 2002. Named after the former prime mister of the country ‘Gyula Andrássy,’ Andrássy Avenue was included in the list for its unique environment while Heros’ Square is known as the largest and the most impressive square in the city. These places are also reflecting mesmerizing tints of great architectural arts of Hungary.

While taking a tour of the World Heritage Sites in Budapest, do not miss the striking Opera House and Museum of Fine Arts. These are nothing but awe-inspiring.

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