This is what you have to prepare before you hunt Sunrise

Hunting sunrise

The highlands and sunrise in the early morning are always a beautiful combination to enjoy. But all is not as easy as seeing the results. There are a number of things we pay attention to. Here are tips for prepare hunting sunrise that you can follow.

Hunting Sunrise

Estimate Weather Conditions

If you want to hunt the sunrise the best time you need is certainly not during the rainy season. If the weather is cloudy and the sky is covered in clouds, it is clear that the sun’s light will not appear perfectly. Especially if it rains, it is certain that the sunrise hunting plan will fail miserably. Even though the weather conditions are sometimes unpredictable, you can choose months that are far from the rainy season. For example, from July to September.

Prepare Your Camera

The view of a beautiful sunrise is certainly very dear if not immortalized. If you want to capture the sunrise scenery, make sure you have prepared all the necessary camera equipment. For example, such as a backup battery, memory card, to a tripod.

You can also use your mobile to get good pictures.

Determine the Best Position to Watch Sunrise

In some tourist attractions, several points are usually provided to watch the sunrise. We can determine the best point to be more satisfied and free to enjoy the sunrise. Especially when taking pictures, being at the right point greatly affects the end result.

Wake Up Early

Getting Up Early is important so that we can freely choose the most suitable place to watch the sunrise. Do not get late to wake up, because the departure time to the place to watch the sunrise will also be delayed. Especially if visiting on weekends or holiday seasons, the number of visitors becomes more. Each visitor must also want to get a comfortable place.

Wear the Right Clothes

The mountainous region has cooler cold temperatures. When the morning air gets colder. Use warm clothes to make you more comfortable while there. Also use thick jackets, headgear, scarves, gloves, and socks.

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