Tips For Not Bored on the Plane

Tips For Not Bored on the Plane

The following travel tips suitable for you who are traveling with low cost carriers (LCC). Unlike the full-service airlines, airline LCC is a low budget airline, does not provide a variety of entertainment during the flight.

So you can imagine the air traveling at such an hour, with no food or entertainment television or just music. It could be as long in the air, you will feel boredom.

Well, to work around this, take the following objects to accompany you during the trip the air. If you travel a lot, make sure that the objects you put it in a special bag.

Except food and drink, do not remove these objects while you’re not traveling. So at any time you would get on a plane, you can simply take the bag.


This thing is important if you intend to sleep during the trip. Choose black blindfold so that light really does not get in and you can sleep soundly.

Inflatable pillow.

Now widely sold pillows for neck support during sleep in a sitting position. Buy an inflatable cushion models, so when not in use, the pillow does not foreclose the room.


Bring a book or other reading. Choose light reading like novels and comics. Make sure the book you can read in installments and not out in just one hour reading.


Instead you feel cold during the flight, Arm yourself with a jacket. If you find it too heavy to carry jackets, sweaters or blankets can also be of cloth or pasmina coast.


Bring a variety of games to pass the time. It could be traditional games such as puzzle books, crossword puzzle books, or sudoku.

Another option is the electronic games such as game consoles or tablet. Make sure electronic appliances are not signalized and die during takeoff and landing.

Music player.

The music player such as an MP3 player can be an option to fill the time on the plane. In addition to these tools is not signalized, from MP3 player headphones could serve to cover the ears during sleep.

Beverage bottles.

For domestic flights, bringing in bottled mineral water bottles can you carry mandatory. Because, in the plane, the body easily dehydrated. So, drinking water during the flight.


Bring snacks such as sweet peas. Choose nutritious snacks. You can also bring fruit such as apples and bananas.


Candy useful to relieve hangover during the trip. In addition, chewing gum during takeoff could reduce pressure on the ears.


Headache medication or anti-drunk can be a choice of drugs that you take it during the flight.

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