Tips on Traveling Without Damaging the Environment

Tips on Traveling Without Damaging the Environment

Traveling is fun, but traveling can also unwittingly give a bad impact on the environment, particularly in terms of carbon emissions. Moreover, not infrequently previous tourist area has stunning scenery, broken by the visit of the traveler who does not care about nature conservation. Here are tips that can be practiced for traveling minimal impact on the environment.

  1. Avoid using vehicles that emit large CO2 to travel to your destination.
  2. Use of mass transportation, rent a bike, wagon or on foot to enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of the area we visit beautiful places including hidden.
  3. Acquainted with many people on the go, one way to get share. It will save CO2 emissions, saving travel costs, and of course add a lot of friends.
  4. Purchase food on the sidewalk, shop, or restaurant population. It can reduce emissions used to transport food from distant locations as well as contributing directly to local communities. In addition, the device usually eat at the local shop does not use plastic / styrofoam.
  5. Choose local foods and beverages. Besides being able to taste food and drink from the region of origin, as well as to reduce CO2 emissions from imported goods.
  6. Bring own drink bottle that can be refilled.
  7. Bring your own shopping bags to reduce plastic waste.
  8. Dispose of waste in place.
  9. Take a tourist spot that offers a more “green” or have environmental programs.
  10. Encourage the tourism industry to make social responsibility. A study shows that many foreign tourists who are willing to pay more from their leisure activities that help others, environmentally friendly and preserve local culture.


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