Tomini Bay in Gorontalo, A Heaven for Divers

Tomini Bay

Tomini Bay is a bay that’s located on Gorontalo, Sulawesi Indonesia. Tomini Bay is the widest bay in Indonesia. The area of the bay can be seen from the extent of the territory that borders, namely 3 provinces, central Sulawesi, Gorontalo, and North Sulawesi.

The bay, which reaches six million hectares with 90 islands, is a favorite place for both domestic and overseas divers. Its location right above the equator makes it rich with unique exotic living creatures. Everything in there can attract both local and international tourists.

Tomini Bay is known as one of the paradise for divers. Its incomparable beauty can make tourists very enjoy the blue Sea and the expanse of coral reefs and sea creatures. For example, giant-sized corals, Gobi fish, anemones and Nemo fish are just a few of the many marine biota there.

Tomini Bay also has a “magnet” which makes the traveler willing to fly far to Gorontalo. This is because Tomini Bay has a Salvadoran coral and a blue sea fan that is only in Gorontalo.

The Traveler is also increasingly pampered because Tomini Bay has 200 diving spots with 30 points spread across Gorontalo and 25 in Togean.

In its vast territory, Tomini Bay is a place for three marine parks i.e olele marine park, Bitila Island marine park, and buyat marine park. Here’s the explanation.

Olele Marine Park

This marine park is located in Olele village, Kabila Bone subdistrict, Bone Bolanga Regency, Gorontalo province. It is about 20 km from Gorontalo city and can be reached within a 30-minute drive.

Olele Marine Park
Olele Marine Park, photo via traveloka

Olele Marine Park has 30 dive points. Two of them are the ruins of Japanese cargo ships from World War II. In this marine park, there is the coral of Salvador Dali, a giant-sized coral flower.

This marine park is a favorite place because the traveler will be greeted with glass-clear water, complete with a variety of coral eggplants and unique animals in it. Another experience that can feel the traveler is when meeting a dolphin that is free to swim.

Bitila Island Marine Park

Bitila Island Marine Park is located on Bitila Island, Pohuwatu Regency, Gorontalo province. This uninhabited island has freshwater springs, fine white sand beaches and coral reefs.

Bitila Island Marine Park
Bitila Island Marine Park, photo via

Buyat Marine Park

Buyat Marine Park is located in southeast Minahasa Regency, North Sulawesi Province. The marine park has several uninhabited islands and 25 dive points. From Gorontalo City, Buyat can be reached within 7 hours and 30 minutes.

buyat national park
buyat national park, photo via

Another very popular tourist destination within the Tomini Bay Area is the Togean archipelago and Pulau Cinta.

That’s the information about Tomini Bay in Gorontalo, a paradise for divers.


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