Top 4 Minimalist and Instagram-Worthy Coffee Shops in Malang City

Minimalist and Instagram-Worthy Coffee Shops in Malang City

Indulging in café culture has become an irresistible habit, especially in Malang. With an abundance of coffee shops gracing every corner, Malang has transformed into a haven for coffee enthusiasts. When it comes to hangout spots in Malang, minimalist-themed coffee shops have captured the hearts of the youth for their cozy ambiance and plethora of Instagram-worthy spots. Among the many options available, here are the top 4 must-visit minimalist and Instagram-worthy coffee shops in Malang.

1. Sejenak Coffee House

Equally stunning and beautiful, Sejenak Coffee House also boasts a minimalist and aesthetic architectural concept, making it a favorite among the youth. Not only is the indoor space aesthetically pleasing, but the outdoor area is equally stylish. The indoor section is adorned with various accessories and room decorations. Moreover, the menu prices here are quite affordable, starting at just Rp 10,000. You can find it at Jl. Bunga Mondokaki No.30, Jatimulyo, Lowokwaru District, Malang.

2. Fertisoil

For those seeking a peaceful café experience away from the bustling Sudimoro, Café Fertisoil is the perfect recommendation. It offers a minimalistic and aesthetic ambiance that ensures comfort for its visitors. The café’s cozy atmosphere is enhanced by the presence of decorative plants in various corners. It’s located inside Perum Griya Shanta Blok D Ruko No, Jl. Soekarno – Hatta No.8, Malang.

3. Cale Café

Cale Café boasts an all-white interior that pleases the eyes, making it an attraction in itself. This minimalist café is adorned with numerous photo-worthy spots for visitors to enjoy. With its comfortable and serene setting, Cale Café is also an ideal place for those looking to get some work done. You can find it at Jl. Danau Jonge H4 E 40, Malang.

4. Labuh Ruang

Labuh Ruang has become a trendy hangout spot in Malang, known for its minimalist architectural concept. The café’s spacious outdoor area is perfect for gathering with friends. Besides its Instagram-worthy ambiance, Labuh Ruang offers a wide range of menu items, including Milo Bomb, Coffee Latte, Kosu, Alpenliebe, and many more. It’s situated at Jetak Ngasri, Mulyoagung, Dau District, Malang.

In conclusion, if you’re a coffee enthusiast or simply love cozy café hangouts with plenty of Instagram-worthy photo opportunities, these 5 minimalist coffee shops in Malang are a must-visit. Each café offers a unique and charming ambiance, ensuring a delightful experience for all coffee lovers and social media enthusiasts alike. Make sure to explore these gems on your next trip to Malang!


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