Top 5 Tips for Backpacking

Tips for Backpacking

Each time you return home and take your bags out, ask yourself if you actually used the item and if it’s essential. Certain items (like first aid items) will be helpful to keep, whereas others (that second fleece or taking forks and spoons) will be able to stay inside the container.

Dehydrated vegetables are fantastic. They can be consumed as snacks or added to ramen noodles for an entirely different flavor. In addition, they’re super lightweight!

I love these hiking sticks! Contribute an extra level of stability to security, and they help me keep my pack in a straight line when I’m not using it. I place the stick to the side of my pack so that it doesn’t get dirty while taking a break for lunch, etc.

Emergency Blanket. I get cold. I’ve got a 15-degree bag, I stuff my sack with clothes, but I am still cold. The only thing I’d intend to backpack or camp without is an extra blanket. This is not the thin silver blanket (which I do carry); I’m talking about the one that appears to be the side of a tarp and silver reflective material to the side. I am awestruck by the effectiveness of it is helping me stay warm. Indeed, I sometimes get hot at times. WONDERFUL purchase that is well worth the investment of $14. I am so happy!!

Take care of your feet. Make sure we secure our laces as we go downhill is crucial, and cutting your toenails down is beneficial. However, it’s important to address any irritation that occurs.

A note to moms out there: If you’re a mom who is contemplating whether or not you would like to take on hiking, then take it up! Learn from those who have been there and will be amazed at the things you can do!

A final point for mothers – no matter in the heat and you’re wearing a bathing suit; it isn’t enough to provide the strength needed to get into. Consider investing in a sports bra you don’t need to tie across your body. In the cold mornings, it’s cold, and dressing in pullovers…not at all fun.


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