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tourism in Kelantan

The state of Kelantan has been in existence since 8000 BC. It is an agrarian state which means “land of lightening’. A very ancient city of Malaysia, one can find many important historical and archaeological monuments here. It also has vast paddy fields, beautiful beaches and exotic fishing villages which provide a wonderful experience for the tourists who choose to holiday here.

Tourism in Kelantan

The capital city of Kelantan is Kota Bharu. The richness of its culture is evident in numerous ancient temples, museums and markets that we find here. Some of the most ancient temples of Malaysia like the Wat Mai Suwan Khiri and Wat Pothivihan is also found here. The stone waterfall, Southeast Asia’s highest waterfall is also located here. Tourists here will get mesmerized with vibrant colours and marvellous architecture. They can pass their time cycling around the town, touring the day and night markets and get some cool deals, or just relax in the beaches. Kelantan Tours is bound to give you an everlasting experience.

Kelantan tourism offers a chance to witness some of the most attractive sightseeing. It offers tourist a variety of cultural attractions including some of the most renowned heritage sites of Malaysia and the world which will definitely add to the joy of the tourists. Some of the highlights of Kelantan tours are Bank Kerapu, the vibrant market of Buluh Kubuh, explore the various fishing villages, witness the traditional Kelantanese folk activities in Gelanggang, handicraft village and craft museum, Islamic Museum, Istana Balai Basar, Istana Batu, Kelantan Beach, Kelantan waterfalls, etc. Thus this one small state has it all, ranging from peaceful beaches to bustling markets, majestic waterfalls to lush green agricultural fields, historic monuments to modern day architectural marvels. What more can a tourist ask for?

Tourism in Kelantan offers a wide range of activities for the tourists. There are activities for families, for children, for couples and for singles; hence it has something for everyone. It’s exciting and diverse nightlife, the exotic multi cuisine restaurants, world class shopping malls keep tourist busy. One can go for snorkelling and diving along the beaches, explore the mysterious jungles, play golf, and those who want to learn some new fighting techniques can go for Silat, the Malay art of self defence without weapons. Thus you can return back home much more powerful and confident than before.

With it’s pleasant tropical climate, Kelantan can be visited all the year round. But the best time to visit would be between March and October, as the rainfall and humidity will be less during this time. Getting to Kelantan is easy as it is well connected through rail, road and airways. There are daily flights from Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Johor Bahru. Several bus operators operate their service or you can choose to hire a vehicle and drive on your own.

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