Tourist Attractions of Rajasthan, India

Tourist Attractions of Rajasthan

Rajasthan – an overview

Tourist Attractions of Rajasthan – Still with very much a traditional, feudal society, the country’s second-largest state, Rajasthan is the very essence of India. The princely state of Rajasthan is covered by the ever-encroaching Thar Desert. Today With a feudal, traditional society the second-largest state in the nation, Rajasthan is the very essence of India. The state of the princely Rajasthan is surrounded by the ever-expanding Thar Desert. 

The main attraction in Rajasthan is the wide array of palaces and forts the aristocratic aristocrats constructed throughout the ages and makes it the most frequented place in India following the Taj. However, Rajasthan has more to offer than castles in the desert and cultureincluding tracking tigers through the Ranthambhore jungle to the most intricately carved temples in marble and more. The land of the princes is full of opportunities that are hard to locate elsewhere

Tourist Attractions

It is possible to spend the entire journey to India in Rajasthan that is in close proximity to Delhi as well as Agra (the country of Taj) via plane, train or by road. The City Palace of Udaipur and the fort in the desert of Jaisalmer are among the top attractions. It is also known as the “blue City” of Jodhpur is home to the state’s largest and well-preserved fort as being the biggest palace in India The Hawa Mahal as well as it’s City Palace of Jaipur, the bustling bazaars and stores in Jaipur the capital of Rajasthan are among the most popular attractions of Rajasthan. It is also possible to board the Palace on Wheels to re-capture the splendor and majesty of the past royal with a royal flair..


Shopping is one of the most popular attractions in the state. Highly skilled artisans from all across the East came to Rajasthan to decorate the palaces of the aristocratic and their families. These same skills are offered to world’s most renowned designers and travelers and everyone leaves Rajasthan empty handed. The problem is to select from an amazing variety of jewelry, textiles and handbags, paintings, ceramics, leather, rugs diaries — and even kitchen utensils and how to pack the items into your hefty luggage.

Unusual Hotels

It’s wonderful to explore the unique hotels in Rajasthan. The state boasts more than 80 historic properties, including castles palaces, forts and palaces and even elaborate havelis some of which remain in the hands of the oldest monarchies in India. This is probably the only spot on earth in which you can be lying in a royal bed and having earlier had dinner with an high-ranking aristocrat. It’s almost impossible to believe that Rajasthanis are great hosts.

Fairs & Festivals

Festivals have a distinct appeal to the Rajasthanis and offer a variety of reasons to celebration. Pageantry takes it’s form as weddings, ceremonies, or to encourage trade. Every region of Rajasthan is distinct in its style of entertainment, tradition and dialects, adding to the Indian variety. Pushkar Fair, Desert festival, Elephant Festival and Camel festival are world-renowned and shouldn’t be missed.

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