Traditional Cultural Tourism Rambu Solo ‘Tana Toraja & North Toraja

Traditional Cultural Tourism Rambu Solo ‘Tana Toraja & North Toraja

Rambu Solo ‘is a traditional ceremony conducted by the community of Tana Toraja & North Toraja Regency, South Sulawesi Province as a form of respect for the deceased. The Rambu Solo ‘ceremony was unique and became a tourist attraction in South Sulawesi Province. The Rambu Solo’ ceremony is generally held during the harvest season, around August – November

Tana Toraja
Family Lifts Coffin in Rambu Solo – source

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The Toraja ethnic group believes that someone is truly dead if they are buried. During the Rambu Solo ceremony has not been carried out, the dead people are still considered sick and placed on the south side of the tongkonan (traditional house on the land of Toraja). Even the dead person still gets food, drinks, wears clothes, stays in a standing position, and is still visited by his family.

A few days later, the body was wrapped in a long scarf and his face was faced to the west.

the Toraja ethnic group believe that people who die will enter the puya (eternal realm for the soul of the deceased).

The execution of traditional ceremonies of death on Toraja land also requires a lot of money. the family who will hold this ceremony must save money, even for years.

The execution of the burial ceremony in the Toraja land is divided into two main parts. Usually the distance between these two parts ranges from one week.

The funeral ceremony was led by a person who most understood the burial procedure called toma balu. The body was faced to the north and now he has been considered to have actually died. The funeral ceremony was then followed by slaughtering sacrificial animals in the form of buffalo and pork. The amount of buffalo and pork that will be sacrificed depends on the level of the dead in the community. The dead’s family is required to fast.

Buffalo For Rambu Solo' Ceremony
Buffalo For Rambu Solo’ Ceremony – Source

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The second ceremony is called mabolong. This ritual also held sacrificial slaughter of animals. At this stage of the ceremony, the body is inserted into a round wooden chest. The wood used is scented sandalwood, the top is placed a small roof like a tomponan. The wooden crates are lifted together and taken to the actual burial place. The family of the dead must prepare tau-tau (a statue that was deliberately made to resemble someone who died) and lakkian (tower of the dead body).

The funeral ceremony took place lively, accompanied by songs and dances typical of Tana Toraja, which varied in variety. Besides that, there is also a buffalo fight. This event can take a full day. The peak event was marked by the slaughter (slaughter) of sacrificial animals in the form of buffaloes and pigs. These animals must die with a single cut with a sharp short sword. Therefore, people who carry out this massacre must have special expertise.

Furthermore, the body was lowered from the lakkian tower and taken to the burial site. The burial place is a hole made by carved on a stone wall on a steep mountain slope.

Tana Toraja

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Therefore, to lift and insert the body into the grave using only a simple bamboo ladder. special energy and skills are needed, because the position of the body when lifted is still standing. After that the body is placed in a standing position and the face faces a beautiful view of the valley. After the body was successfully inserted into the grave, tau-tau was placed on the cliff that was available.

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