August 12, 2022

Yogyakarta has many distinction compared to other cities in Indonesia. Yogyakarta also has a history that is no less important in the founding of the Republic of Indonesia. As a cultural city, Yogyakarta has various relics including in the field of transportation that still exists today. Here are some traditional transportation modes in Yogyakarta:


One of the traditional ways of carrying cargo in Yogyakarta is by Bullock carts. This traditional means of transportati0n is made of wood and bamboo with two wheels. The shape and the colour are very unique and attractive. Only the rim and the wheels are made of iron. The vehicle is pulled by two bulls which are reigned by special command of the driver. The cart is large in size and the roof of the cart can be opened if necessary

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In olden days the cart was also used to carry passengers for family trips. Nowadays the iron rims of the wheels have been replaced by truck’s wheels in order not to damage the roads. Round the neck of the bull, a brass called “Genta” is attached. The bell is decorative and produces special sound in tune with the gait of the bull This cart can be found everywhere outside the city limits

Bullock carts, Photo via antarafoto

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Yogyakarta is famous as “bicycle city” It is not impossible to connect the phenomena with the great number of students. Feople in the city have used the bicycle as a means of transportation since 1960. In the course of the years, the use of bicycles has been decreasing in number. Every morning about 07.00 am, rows of bicycles can be seen heading towards the city. There are bikes for rent at many places in the city for tourists who are interested to see the city in a different way

Bicycle, Photo via

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Becak is a triycle with a seat for two passengers at the front. The driver pdals the vehicle at the back It provides a pleasant ride. One can find becaks at every street corner in Yogyakarta.

Becak, Photo via

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The four wheeled carriage is drawn by one two horses. The front wheels are smaller than the rear ones. The driver is called “kusir” They wear traditional costumes of the Yogyakarta Sultanate. The andong is equipped with a quaint sounding bell and two antique lamps on either side. The rhythm of the trots of the horse or the crack of whip provides a relaxing atmosphere. In the past, the andong was only used by noble families.

Whenever one visit Yogya, one should not miss the opportunity to ride andong. They can be found at railway and bus station and some of the big markets in Yogyakarta.

Andong Yogyakarta
Andong, Photo via