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train in Japan

The public transportation sector is a reflection of the excellence of cities in developed countries. No exception in Tokyo. While in Tokyo, you will see how the train becomes a mainstay transportation by its citizens. In terms of cleanliness, safety and timeliness, the trains in Japan is much better than trains in the U.S or Europe.  You will fall in love with train in Japan.

Japanese people make trains as part of their lives. At first you will feel confused when given a train map. Then you’ll realize that it’s easy to train from one place to another in Japan.

The biggest problem, especially for the new traveller coming to Tokyo is the relatively expensive ticket price. Another issue of taking a train within Tokyo city is because the interline is not yet integrated. That is, there are several train lines owned by the private sector, other than those managed by the Government. As a result, if you switch between lanes, you have to pay twice. However, it does not diminish the pleasure of having a train in Tokyo.

The train in Japan is very timely. Delays in train schedules are very rare. Delays usually occur when there is improvement (albeit very rare) and suicide. Suicide? Yes, these Japanese people have the trend of suicide by throwing themselves into the train. Although the Government seeks to continuously do education to reduce the suicide rate, the occasional incident occurs.

If there is an incident, usually the train will be dismissed first to perform cleaning. However, it can be solved briefly because each station has its standard operation procedure.

One more interesting thing about the trains in Tokyo, the train passenger in Japan tends to ignorant. They really don’t care about what others do. They would pretend to read or pretend to sleep if you saw any strange happenings in front of them.

Although trains in Tokyo during working hours are often crowded by passengers, they do not speak to each other. Each of them is silent so the atmosphere of the train becomes silent.

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