Changes to the Indonesia Train Schedule as of December 1, 2019

ndonesian Train Schedule

For those of you who want to travel to Banyuwangi by train, or go to Bali by train, with Banyuwangi as a transit point you need to pay attention to the Changes in Station Names, Relations and Train Schedules information as following:

A.  Change in Station Name

  •  New Banyuwangi Train Station (BW) changes its name to Ketapang Train Station (KTG)
  • Karangasem Train Station (KNE) changed its name to Banyuwangi Kota Train Station (BWI)
  • Barat Train Station (BAT) changed name to Magetan Railway Station (MAG)
  • Paron Train Station (PA) changes name to Ngawi Train Station (NGW)

B. Changes of relations

  • Changes in the railroad relations of the Argo Wilis  Surabaya Gubeng-Bandung relation to the Surabaya Gubeng-Bandung-Gambir relation (round trip)
  • Turangga Railway, Surabaya-Gubeng-Bandung relation, becomes Surabaya-Gubeng-Bandung-Gambir relation (round trip)
  • South Mutiara  Bandung-Surabaya Gubeng-Malang relation, becomes the Gambir-Bandung-Surabaya Gubeng-Malang relation (round trip)
  • Malabar Railway Malang-Bandung relation, becomes Malang-Bandung-Pasar Senen relation (round trip)
  • Joglosemarkerto Railway relations Semarang Tawang-Tegal-Purwokerto-Solo-Semarang Tawang, becomes a relation of Solo-Tegal-Purwokerto-Solo-Semarang Tawang
  • The Joglosemarkerto, Yogyakarta-Solo-Semarang Tawang relation becomes the Yogyakarta-Solo relation

C. New railroad relations

Anjasmoro Express Railway relations between Jombang-Yogyakarta and Pasar Senen (round trip)
Sancaka Utara Railway relation Surabaya Pasar Turi-Gambringan-Solo Balapan-Kutoarjo (round trip)


D. Changes to the train schedule

  • The Senja Utama Solo from the Pasar Senen train station – Solo Balapan train station , which originally departed at 22.00 WIB, became the Fajar Utama Solo Train which departed at 05.50 WIB or earlier 16 hours 10 minutes
  • Kahuripan  from Bandung Kiaracondong-Blitar, which originally departed at 18.10 WIB, will depart at 23.15 WIB or later 4 hours 5 minutes change in train travel time
  • Pasundan from Bandung Kiaracondong-Surabaya Gubeng railroad will experience a reduction in travel time of 82 minutes, from the previous 16 hours 7 minutes to 14 hours 45 minutes
  • Singasari Train Blitar-Pasar Senen relation starting December 1, 2019 will experience a reduction in travel time by 45 minutes, from the previous 15 hours 55 minutes to 15 hours 10 minutes.
  • Argo Wilis and Turangga train previously Surabaya Gubeng-Bandung (round trip), became Surabaya Gubeng-Bandung-Gambir (round trip)
  • Mutiara Selatan previously Malang-Surabaya Gubeng – Bandung (round trip), became Malang-Surabaya Gubeng-Bandung-Gambir (round trip)
  • Malabar , previously Malang-Surabaya Gubeng-Bandung (round trip), became Malang-Yogyakarta-Bandung-Pasar Senen (round trip).

This information is valid starting December 1, 2019


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