February 3, 2023
ndonesian Train Schedule

For those of you who want to travel to Banyuwangi by train, or go to Bali by train, with Banyuwangi as a transit point you need to pay attention to the Changes in Station Names, Relations and Train Schedules information as following:

A.  Change in Station Name

  •  New Banyuwangi Train Station (BW) changes its name to Ketapang Train Station (KTG)
  • Karangasem Train Station (KNE) changed its name to Banyuwangi Kota Train Station (BWI)
  • Barat Train Station (BAT) changed name to Magetan Railway Station (MAG)
  • Paron Train Station (PA) changes name to Ngawi Train Station (NGW)

B. Changes of relations

  • Changes in the railroad relations of the Argo Wilis  Surabaya Gubeng-Bandung relation to the Surabaya Gubeng-Bandung-Gambir relation (round trip)
  • Turangga Railway, Surabaya-Gubeng-Bandung relation, becomes Surabaya-Gubeng-Bandung-Gambir relation (round trip)
  • South Mutiara  Bandung-Surabaya Gubeng-Malang relation, becomes the Gambir-Bandung-Surabaya Gubeng-Malang relation (round trip)
  • Malabar Railway Malang-Bandung relation, becomes Malang-Bandung-Pasar Senen relation (round trip)
  • Joglosemarkerto Railway relations Semarang Tawang-Tegal-Purwokerto-Solo-Semarang Tawang, becomes a relation of Solo-Tegal-Purwokerto-Solo-Semarang Tawang
  • The Joglosemarkerto, Yogyakarta-Solo-Semarang Tawang relation becomes the Yogyakarta-Solo relation

C. New railroad relations

Anjasmoro Express Railway relations between Jombang-Yogyakarta and Pasar Senen (round trip)
Sancaka Utara Railway relation Surabaya Pasar Turi-Gambringan-Solo Balapan-Kutoarjo (round trip)


D. Changes to the train schedule

  • The Senja Utama Solo from the Pasar Senen train station – Solo Balapan train station , which originally departed at 22.00 WIB, became the Fajar Utama Solo Train which departed at 05.50 WIB or earlier 16 hours 10 minutes
  • Kahuripan  from Bandung Kiaracondong-Blitar, which originally departed at 18.10 WIB, will depart at 23.15 WIB or later 4 hours 5 minutes change in train travel time
  • Pasundan from Bandung Kiaracondong-Surabaya Gubeng railroad will experience a reduction in travel time of 82 minutes, from the previous 16 hours 7 minutes to 14 hours 45 minutes
  • Singasari Train Blitar-Pasar Senen relation starting December 1, 2019 will experience a reduction in travel time by 45 minutes, from the previous 15 hours 55 minutes to 15 hours 10 minutes.
  • Argo Wilis and Turangga train previously Surabaya Gubeng-Bandung (round trip), became Surabaya Gubeng-Bandung-Gambir (round trip)
  • Mutiara Selatan previously Malang-Surabaya Gubeng – Bandung (round trip), became Malang-Surabaya Gubeng-Bandung-Gambir (round trip)
  • Malabar , previously Malang-Surabaya Gubeng-Bandung (round trip), became Malang-Yogyakarta-Bandung-Pasar Senen (round trip).

This information is valid starting December 1, 2019


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